The How I Met Your Mother star dishes on the importance of having a night out, motherhood, and her love of crafting.

Alyson Hannigan and Daughter
Credit: Courtesy of Alyson Hannigan

How often do you get out of the house with your friends to enjoy a mom's night out? Probably not often enough, right? Stubhub partnered with Alyson Hannigan, star of How I Met Your Mother and mom to Satyana (Sati), 2, to launch Mom's Night Out, a charity program with events like baseball games and concerts to let you have fun, kid-free night off. A portion of the proceeds from event ticket sales will be donated to Adopt-A-Classroom, a nonprofit organization that gives teachers the community partners and funds they need for their classrooms.

We caught up with Hannigan to talk about Mom's Night Out and raising her toddler.

Parents: How often do you take a girl's night out?

Alyson Hannigan: I think the answer to that is always not enough, but I do have a wonderful husband (actor Alexis Denisof) who does everything he can to give me a night out when I absolutely have to have one. It's good for everyone when moms get a night off to have fun with their friends. It helps things go easier the next day and you can remember when you could go and just have fun and be silly without having to listen to make sure someone is not crying.

Parents: When was the last mom's night out you had and what did you do?

Alyson Hannigan: Luckily my husband and I have been doing date nights. We get a babysitter on Saturday and go have date nights. It's sort of like mom's night out with my hubby. Our last date night was great because we went and had dinner and got couple's massages, so that was fun.

Parents: What do you suggest moms do to make more time for themselves and their friends?

Alyson Hannigan: I suggest making it higher up on the priority list. It seems like, for me at least, it's the first thing that goes. I can't even tell you the number of times my husband and I do date night and we say, "Oh, she needs a swimsuit," and we go shop for our daughter. We have to say no, we have to make time for us and celebrate that we have this little time away. If you schedule it as if this night is going to be free, it's like any of the other appointments you have in your life.

Parents: Sati recently turned two. What's your favorite thing about this age?

Alyson Hannigan: The language factor -- you can have conversations with her now. The fact that she's talking is just amazing. Finally getting to hear the things she's been thinking about and her perspective is so lovely. I cherish being around it and I cherish everything that comes out of her mouth even if it's a little cranky. Her voice is so wonderful. She's hilarious.

Parents: What's the most challenging thing about the terrible twos?

Alyson Hannigan: The most challenging is that she definitely wants to do things on her own, which is great, and we encourage that, but she also gets easily frustrated when she can't do it right away. As an adult you can say, "You're getting frustrated so it's making it harder." But that might go over her head. She does figure it out. She has such a good disposition, but if there's not enough sleep or food the terrible twos come out.

Parents: What's something she's trying to master now?

Alyson Hannigan: Simple things, like this morning her little baby doll stroller and got lodged between the table and the high chair in the hotel room. It got stuck and she got very frustrated. We were waiting to see if she would come ask us for help, but she was in her old world and in her frustration she yanked it free.

Parents: I read that you love to do crafts, which is something we at Parents magazine love too! What crafts do you do with Sati?

Alyson Hannigan: I'm trying desperately to get her to enjoy crafting and she does to an extent. Projects are harder for her. The last one I did was an octopus out of a tennis ball and some yarn. The problem with that was I tried to use a foam ball at first, but she really wanted to use the foam ball, so I let her use it. But then she saw that I was using a tennis ball. You tie the string around the ball and make a leg by braiding the strings. She kept saying, "Oh! It's a tennis ball!" And tried to take the string off it to get to the tennis ball. So now I make sure she's occupied with something else, but I craft next to her. Right now her crafting level is some scribble, and the marker winds up mostly on her body. I have a crafting room and Sati loves going in there and taking stuff out of the bins. I hold hope that she's going to be a crafter someday.

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