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Alyson Hannigan From Disney Junior's 'Fancy Nancy' Shares Her Hilarious Parenting Truths

This mom-of-two girls finds her role as Claire Clancey quite relatable—let’s just say her home life is far from boring.

Parenting Truths With Alyson Hannigan

Believe it or not, fans watched actress Alyson Hannigan’s IRL pregnancy unfold on the hit series How I Met Your Mother through her character Lily—which is pretty legen—wait for it—dary, if you ask us. Now, with a 6 and 9-year-old at home, the comedy star is returning to the small screen to lend her voice to a role all too familiar to her: the leading mom.

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Disney Junior’s Fancy Nancy—which is based off of the New York Times bestselling book by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser—is centered around 6-year-old Nancy Clancy, whose constant quest to have an extraordinary life comes with hurdles, but is never boring.

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Ironically enough, home life for Hannigan isn’t too far off from the show’s plot as she navigates mothering two adventurous little girls with a similar zest for life. The always funny star even dished on her parenting dos and don’ts during a round of our favorite game: Parenting Truths. You know—the adulting version of Never Have I Ever. Despite her successful acting career, Hannigan is as down-to-earth and relatable as it gets—just check out these confessions as proof.

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She doesn’t often get a break from motherhood, so vacation to her means anytime things are quiet and she is alone.  

“Honestly, now anytime I travel for work or whatever without the kids—which isn’t very often—just being on a plane without kids is sort of like a vacation because it is so much easier to travel without your children. It doesn’t matter, I can watch a movie, I don’t have be like—does somebody need a snack, does somebody have to go to the bathroom? It’s sort of a little vacation to be on a plane alone.”

She isn’t afraid to lean on her husband for those awkward parenting moments.

“I have absolutely told my kids to go ahead and ask dad to get out of answering a tough question. Yes, and I enjoy saying, ‘That’s a great question for your father. Why don’t you go ask him?’ I love it. And then I go watch, I go watch him squirm. It’s fun—he is good at it.”

She’ll take advantage of her kids faux-pas for some great video content.

“My daughter was going to do a magic trick that she’s never learned. She just watched a trick where you poor milk into a paper container—it’s called disappearing milk. But, she is six and has never taken a magic lesson, really. I did ask her to do it outside because she wanted to do it in the kitchen, so I videotaped it. It didn’t work—water everywhere.”

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Like most parents, she loves using her kids as an excuse to get out of any obligations.

“I feel like I had kids in order to get out of obligations. My husband and I were sort of already not the people who wanted to go anywhere. We would use our dogs as an excuse, ‘Oh we can’t—the dogs.’ And then, finally, we were lucky enough to have children and we were like, ahhhh now we have a legitimate excuse not to go anywhere. So yes, we like to just stay home.”

She throws an amazing birthday bash—but, they are more for her than her kids.

“I mean what comes to mind now are the birthday parties that I throw for my kids. I am sure I am doing it just because it is the party I would have wanted, but I do it myself. Like I make the decorations, I put in all the hard work and the planning. You know, I start crafting like a month before the party. But I am sure that is more because I want to. They aren’t asking, they are like, ‘Oh, this is awesome. Great, thanks.’ They would probably be fine with a cake, you know?”