9 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Is Giving Us #NewMomGoals

From her sense of humor about breastfeeding and pumping to her hands-on hubby John Legend, here are nine reasons Chrissy Teigen is already giving us mom-envy.

1. She’s got a sense of humor about post-baby date night...

When Teigen and hubby John Legend actually went out to dinner—at, you know, a restaurant, shortly after baby Luna was born, the Internet exploded with all sorts of opinons—giving the pair a blazingly quick intro to the world of mom-judging and mom-shaming. Not one to stress over it, she tweeted: “I went to dinner. People are pissed. Good morning!”

2. …and breastfeeding.

Spray-tanning around breast-pump parts? Falling asleep with the double-electric still running? Grabbing her milk-makers while on a roller coaster? Can we just say how much we love the fact that Teigen finds the funny in breastfeeding—a topic that can bring most new mamas to tears?

3. She’s not stressing about her post-baby body...


4. …and she’s rocking short shorts and crop tops just weeks after giving birth.

If we looked like this after giving birth (or, um, at any time, really), we'd be wearing this too.

5. Then there’s this amazing mom uniform:

Hello, lovely. Teigen has managed to make black mesh look tasteful and elegant.

6. Her baby already has the most adorable outfits.

Need we say more?

7. She’s got a hands-on dad in hubby John Legend.

Teigen's crooner hubby has been pretty much amazing since day one—showing his wife so much bump-love and defending her against the mom-shamers—so we're hardly surprised he's a hands-on, baby-wearing kinda dad.

8. They’re already #winning at scrapbook-worthy baby milestones.

Did they plan to be this cute? Or did John just set the "first Mother's Day" bar so adorably high that his wife had no choice but to follow his lead? Either way, we're happy to know that celebs have time to DIY sweet matching Mother's Day/Father's Day onesies, just like we do. Or plan to.

9. Oh, and this push present that she bought herself:

Her BFF Kim Kardashian may have gotten a million-dollar diamond necklace as a push present, but we love Teigen's hilarious take on the ultimate post-birth present.

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