5 Famous Parents Confess What They Wish They Knew Before Having Kids

We asked some of our favorite moms and dads: What's one thing no one told you about parenthood?

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Laila Ali

Laila Ali
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"Your children will teach you as much as you teach them. The experiences you face as a parent will redefine who you are as a person."

—Laila Ali, former boxing champion, mother of two, creator of Laila Ali Lifestyle, and contributor to the downloadable 4-H Fresh Chefs Cookbook

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Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons
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"The patience and mental stamina you need. Each age and phase comes with its own set of challenges and triumphs, requiring a totally new rhythm and flow. Just when you think you have one phase figured out, your child evolves."

—Gail Simmons, cookbook author, mother of two, and
judge on Top Chef

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Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez
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"That zip-up pajamas are the greatest invention ever. And baby powder gets sand off skin."

—Mario Lopez, Access Hollywood host, father of three, and star of NBC Peacock's Saved by the Bell reboot

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Brie Bella

Brie Bella at WWE Carpet Event
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"How satisfying it is to see your child learn new things. Birdie recently told me that Saturn has a ring around it and Jupiter is the biggest planet, and she told me how long it takes the Earth to go around the Sun. She's 3!"

—Brie Bella, former pro wrestler, mother of one (with number two on the way), and star of Total Bellas

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Lauren Akins

Lauren Akins
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"How hard it was going to be for me to keep my lips off of them! Every chance I get, I'm kissing their sweet little faces. I just can't help myself!"

—Lauren Akins, mother of three and author of Live in Love out August 18

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