She's got three kids and a wicked sense of humor. So of course we have a mom crush on comedian Samantha Bee.

By Nicole Fabian-Weber
October 24, 2016

There's a lot of reasons to love Samantha Bee—her show Full Frontal, her old Daily Show interviews, her irreverent political commentary, her self-proclaimed obsession with eating—but it's her hilariously spot-on and refreshingly honest take on motherhood that has us mom-crushing on the talk show host big time. Seriously, who wouldn't want Samantha Bee in their moms' group? Here are just 11 of the reasons we love her.

1. The meal-time struggle is real. Even for her. Even though Bee has millions of people tuning in to her show each week, it doesn't mean her life as a mom is without its battles. Just like the rest of us, Bee deals with kids who simply don't want to eat what's put in front of them (even if they asked for it 10 minutes earlier). "I believe in breakfast," Bee told Epicurious. "It's the one meal that my kids usually eat without a fuss, so that's huge." We feel you, Sam.

2. She's not a fan of birthdays and not afraid to admit it. "I hate birthdays," Bee once commented. "I thought that I only hated my own birthday, and then I realized that I hate my children's birthdays too." Word. Not only is it no longer acceptable to pop a Duncan Hines cake in the oven and play Pin the Tail on the Donkey (thanks, Pinterest), kids' birthdays always remind parents just how fast their little ones are growing up. Sob!

3. She finds the funny in the work-life balance struggle. In a video for Oprah, Bee joked that the key to being a working mom for her is noise-canceling headphones. (What mom doesn't need those from time to time?!) She also joked about getting her kids to eat their oatmeal each morning via shooting it into their mouths with a jumbo-sized water gun. Sounds crazy, but when you think about it...

4. She has the perfect response to when her kids say, "I'm bored." Instead of rattling off a list of entertainment options for her children, Bee scares her kids off by inviting them to partake in a few household chores. The result? The kids immediately find something to do, giving mom a little time to relax. Here's Bee's—and maybe your next?—response to those dreaded two words: "I'm so glad you're here. I could really use a hand cleaning out this vegetable crisper before we go away on holiday. Can you put on NPR for me? I'd really like to get Leonard Lopate's take on this whole NYC charter school bugaboo." Bee says that her kids then back out of the room and she "puts her feet up and drinks her coffee in blissful silence." Genius!

5. She says what we all want to say about moms not getting sick days. "It's actually amazing how much everyone else in my home is allowed to get sick, and stay sick, and be sick, and whatever...but I am not. Why is this? Where's my Florence Nightingale? Why am I ordering in my own chicken noodle soup? For that matter, why am I still ordering toilet paper from the delivery grocery store even in my current state of incapacitation?"

6. She's a laid-back mama—but has her nonnegotiables. "Neither my husband nor I is a disciplinarian," Bee has said. "There's no 'bad cop' in the household. We're very laid-back. We tend to think about things in stark terms. If it's not life-threatening, we let the kids do it. But there are some nonnegotiables, like buckling the straps in your carseats and holding hands when you cross the street or we don't move forward. But we're basically pretty laissez-faire." In other words, she chooses her battles. Smart lady.

7. She knows how to make us laugh with her social media posts. Case in point:

8. She wasn't into her child watching TV...until she had another. "TV is allowed 100 percent," the comedian once revealed. "I let them watch Sesame Street and The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That. We watch movies like WALL-E. We were really careful about TV with [first-born] Piper. Then as soon as we had a second child, we realized it was time to introduce it into our home." Every parent knows the old adage: The first kid isn't allowed TV, the second one basically has their own Netflix account.

9. She has an awesome attitude about being a working mom. Bee has an awesome job and she knows it. But that doesn't mean it supersedes being a mom. Not a chance. "Work allows you to have away time, adult time, which can be energizing creatively," Bee told Working Mother. "It can be interesting for your children to see you out in the world. Ultimately you have this great unit you have to come back to. I feel it's the best of both worlds—getting to be very creative and getting to be the matriarch of this family unit. Being the mother is my favorite part. It's a unique privilege to get to do both." What a great way of thinking!

10. She's as blunt as it gets when it comes to every mom's worst nightmare: The babysitter quitting. "We have a babysitter four days a week," Bee revealed. "We love and trust her, and our kids love her. If she left, we'd die." Working mamas everywhere feel you, Sam.

11. She and her husband have a touching way of teaching their kids about the value of a dollar. "We are teaching our eldest daughter how to put money in a piggy bank," she revealed to the New York Times in 2010. "When it's full, we take it out and give it to charity. If we leave change lying around, the children will eat it." Double lesson right there: It is more important to give than to receive, and nickels are serious choking hazards.


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