The Uncommon James founder and mom of three talks inspiration for her newest Little James pajamas, why eco-friendly matters to her, and baking with her little ones.

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The holidays are approaching, and fashion entrepreneur Kristin Cavallari is helping families celebrate them in style with her latest offerings from Little James.

Kids can rock a festive new collection, which dropped November 4, that includes long sleeve comfortable pajama sets—ones with imprints of holiday staples (all hand-drawn by an artist) and ones with muted colors. "I love to do traditional holiday pajamas in the sense that we use Christmas trees, we use candy canes, but I don't like when they're in your face, over the top," says Cavallari. "I love just stripping them down a little bit."

And the pajamas have already been kid-approved. The mom of three—Camden Jack, 9, Jaxon Wyatt, 7, Saylor James, 5—always asks her children to weigh in on her brand's pajamas. "I get my kids' opinions too because kids are great—they're brutally honest as we all know," jokes Cavallari. "And I want them to actually like these pajamas and be excited to wear them."

Little James holiday pajamas
Little James holiday pajamas
Little James holiday pajamas

Little James, which is part of Cavallari's lifestyle brand, Uncommon James, scaled back from a complete clothing line to focus solely on pajamas, with sizes ranging from newborns to 8/9. The pajamas had always been a hit, says Cavallari, and it's a product she's learned many kids actually adore. "My kids love getting new pajamas. They get so excited," she says. They are also a win for parents, too. "A lot of my kids' pants and their leggings, they get holes in them after so many wears, where pajamas, they can last a little bit longer...because they're not outside playing in the dirt in them normally."

Another plus? The pajamas are eco-friendly—they are made with pure ingredients, organic fibers, and recyclable materials. "Being a mom, to be honest, I worry about what the world is going to be like in 10, 20, 30, 40 years," she says. "I want this planet to be here for my kids. And so, I think that we need to all be doing our part to ensure that our kids have a really solid future here."

The Nashville-based mom is focused on living a natural lifestyle herself, which includes clean eating. She's currently working on recipes for her third cookbook expected in spring 2023—following 2020's True Comfort and 2018's True Roots—that will focus on quick and easy meals. Cavallari's love for the kitchen has naturally also rubbed off on her kids.

"My kids love being in the kitchen with me, which I think is awesome. It's such a fun activity to do together," she says. "They primarily would prefer to bake. That's really where I have them help out, making muffins or cake or cookies." They even assist their mom when it comes to holiday cooking. This year, that includes Thanksgiving which the star is hosting at her house. "I'm definitely gonna be putting my kids to work because I just won't be able to do it all if they're not helping me out."

As for what else is on this busy mom's to-do list? Potentially another show. Cavallari recently shared a photo of her filming with best friend and hairstylist, Justin Anderson, who also appeared on her reality show Very Cavallari, which aired for three seasons. "I would never go back to reality TV in a sense of doing a show just purely about my life. But I would go back in the right capacity, whether that be something in the fashion world, a travel show, something to that effect," she says. "I can't say too much about it yet. But I am hoping that, yes, in the spring or summer of next year, you will see us back on TV."

Parents can shop the new holiday pajamas at Prices range from $34-$44.