Kelly Rowland Gets Real About Motherhood

Kelly Rowland always wanted a baby but, like most parents, didn't fully understand the changes one little person can bring. As she celebrates her son's first birthday, she talks frankly about the bumps and beauty of her initial year of motherhood.


Hey, I'm Kelly Rowland and welcome to my Parents photo shoot featuring my son Titan. [music] [laughs] The thing that surprised me most about being a mom was how much of a mess they can make. My whole attempt of going out Was cancelled because of a really bad diaper. [LAUGH] I just remember it shooting across the room to my shoot. And yeah, they do magic tricks like that. [MUSIC] Having Titan has taught me Patience, I didn't know I was as patient as I am with him. I feel like it can be really overwhelming. So surround yourself with really good people. All of my mom's friends have stepped in with wonderful advice. One great one, and I'm so happy that she told me this. Was don't forget about your husband. Cuz you are just so into that baby when they come home. When they're eating, what time they're eating, if they're happy, their diaper change. Everything you want to be so perfect. How did the kid get here? So I mean that was really important to me to focus on. Thank you Kim. [MUSIC]

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