Katherine Schwarzenegger Says Silver Lining to Pandemic Pregnancy Was Bonding With Husband Chris Pratt

The author, who welcomed her first child this summer, opened up about being pregnant during a pandemic, what her mom's support meant to her, and the Halloween traditions she can't wait to pass on to her daughter.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt
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Being pregnant and giving birth to your first child is an eye-opener for any parent at any time. But it's been a particularly unique experience for those becoming new parents this year in the midst of a global pandemic. Katherine Schwarzenegger, who along with husband Chris Pratt welcomed baby girl Lyla in August, can attest to exactly that.

"Being pregnant during a pandemic was definitely not what I expected my experience to be like," says the author and daughter of actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver. But Schwarzenegger says she did her best to "keep things in perspective."

"So many people are hurting and losing loved ones during this pandemic, so waking up each day and being grateful for my health and my family's health was how I started my days," says the new mom. "It wasn't ideal to not be able to see friends and extended family during my pregnancy, but I got to spend a lot of quality time with my siblings, parents, and my husband, and that was really special."

Now, with Halloween just around the corner, Schwarzenegger is enjoying that quality time as well as holiday traditions she can't wait to share with her daughter. We caught up with the celeb mom on how her mother supported her throughout her pregnancy, the sentimental items and moments she'll be passing onto Lyla, and her Halloween tribute to heroic essential workers.

How Her Mom Made a Difference During Her Pregnancy

Although being an expectant mom during a pandemic might be challenging at times, Schwarzenegger feels fortunate to have had her mom and husband by her side. "I was so lucky to be able to ask my mom questions throughout my entire pregnancy," says the author.

She elaborates, "While I was pregnant my mom was offering advice whenever I would ask—she was and always is an incredible sounding board for me."

Bonding in this way with Shriver gave Schwarzenegger a new perspective on her mom. "As I get older and especially becoming a mom myself, I am more and more in awe of my own mother being the supermom that she is," she shares. "I want to ask her everything and learn as much as I can from her always, especially as it relates to being a mother."

When it came time to welcome Lyla, Schwarzenegger says she was "surprised by the entire delivery process" and came away feeling as though it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with her mother and "a beautiful experience to share" with Pratt.

What She Hopes to Pass Onto Lyla

Becoming a mom has also presented an opportunity for Schwarzenegger to take a "walk down memory lane" and upcycle her childhood wardrobe that Shriver set aside.

"I'm excited about being able to put my daughter in my sister's and my favorite childhood dresses," says Schwarzenegger. "It’s fun to be able to pass those on to her and reuse the clothing that carry so much meaning."

On Honoring Essential Workers This Halloween

Between the pandemic and wildfires, Schwarzenegger's home state of California has been through a lot this year, so it's no wonder she wanted to put her eye for upcycling to use by paying tribute to frontline heroes. Schwarzenegger recently partnered with Amazon to rock an essential worker-themed Boxtume, or DIY, upcycled costume made from Smile boxes and crafting supplies most people have lying around the house.

Schwarzengger recently shared a photo of her nurse look, alongside her dog Maverick's firefighter boxtume, writing, "Mav and I are channeling major heroes this Halloween. Thank you to all of our essential workers for all that you do always, and especially this year!"

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Although Lyla is still very much a newborn, dressing up for the holiday has Schwarzenegger reflecting on the traditions she's looking forward to sharing with her daughter.

"Carving pumpkins as a family has always been something I look forward to, even as an adult," she says. "We also always dress up and went trick-or-treating together as a family. I am really excited about being able to take my daughter trick-or-treating in the future with my family in the same area we used to go. That will be a special tradition we pass on."

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