John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Say the Holidays Are All About Their Kids: 'We Don't Focus On Each Other'

The Voice coach and cookbook author talk festive traditions, their favorite holiday meals, and teaching Luna and Miles to give back.

An image of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend with their kids.
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For Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, the holidays are all about making magical moments for their kids—Luna, 5, and Miles, 3. They say they keep nostalgic traditions alive by decorating, bringing the mystery of Santa into their home, and catching the Rockettes whenever they are in New York City.

"We don't focus on each other. We really focus on the kids," says Legend. "It's not about us getting gifts—it's about making sure we create a great experience for them."

Anyone who follows Teigen on Instagram won't be surprised that their holiday traditions also include a lot of yummy food. Legend has a list of favorite dishes that his wife makes, including beef Wellington, and sweet potato streusel pie, which the Voice coach calls the "perfect dessert."

Teigen, who recently released her third cookbook Cravings: All Together, adds, "Whether you should have it with your savory foods or just for dessert at the end—that's always a big debate in our household."

The couple never leaves out family recipes that have been passed down either. "My mom's scalloped potatoes are a must in our household," says Teigen. "I love learning John's family recipes and having videos of his granny teaching us how to clean greens and make her hot collard greens. To me, that is a beautiful, wonderful thing that we get to do and experience together."

This season, the famous parents also teamed up with Chex—the family's favorite snack—to share some holiday tips and fun recipes like their twist on the Original Chex Party Mix for a "12 Days of Chexmas" holiday campaign. Those who sign up get 12 days of it all, as well as giveaways, including Legend's A Legendary Christmas album and kitchenware from Teigen's Cravings brand. Teigen and Legend have made it another holiday tradition to create these Chex recipes with their kiddos, and then gift the treats to friends in Mason jars. "[Our kids] generally love the mess and the crunching between their little fingers," says Teigen. "I create this charcuterie board of little things that they can add to theirs. They have so much fun with it."

Chrissy Teigen and kids.

Their children's desire to help out in the kitchen has come naturally after watching their parents spend so much time in there. Makes sense since kids learn by observing and imitating what the adults in their life do. "Luna loves to crack eggs for me every time I'm making pancakes. She loves to touch the flour or touch the powdered sugar because it feels cool," says Legend. "They feel like they can be part of it because we have kind of an open kitchen life, and they love being included in that."

Another thing Legend and Teigen hope their kids learn from them is the need to give back—especially during the holiday season. The couple says they have a basket in their house that they fill up with items to donate and Luna and Miles throw their old toys in there too.

"The greatest job we can do is make sure that they know how lucky they are and to always give back and know that there are kids out there that need our help too," says Teigen. "I think they're growing up to be so empathetic and so sweet and so kind and they really do see the good in donating their toys and donating their time and things. It's really special and wonderful thing to get to see reflected in your kids."

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