Every milestone deserves a celebration and Jessica Alba's family has fun ways to mark everything from a lost tooth to a birthday.

By Erin Bried
shot of jessica albas family in pajamas
It’s a mama-in-the-middle cuddle! From left: Cash, Haven, Jessica, Honor, and baby Hayes.
| Credit: Mei Tao

The Occasion: It's Friday.

The Celebration: “We do Family Fridays, where we all stay home in the evening and watch a movie or play games together. We just watched Back to the Future, and our favorite game is Clue.”

The Occasion: It’s a birthday.

The Celebration: “Everybody gets breakfast in bed on their birthday. The kids pick their party theme. Last year, Havie had a pool party with pizza. Honor wanted to go to the mall with three friends, so we walked around and had dim sum.”

The Occasion: Somebody lost a tooth.

The Celebration: “The Tooth Fairy has been a constant presence in our house because Honor’s lost 18 or 19 teeth and Haven is on her way. The kids leave notes, so the fairy knows where to find their teeth, and she leaves money in the range of a silver dollar to $5.”