A Chat with Jennifer Garner

She's the wife of fellow actor Ben Affleck and a mom to happy toddler Violet. Now this busy actress is pregnant with her second child, due in early 2009. How does she find time to fit it all in? We recently caught up with the glowing star to chat about balancing work and family, dealing with pregnancy cravings, and discovering motherhood's biggest perk.

The Hard PartFinding the right balance is tough for moms today. But even for my mom, who didn't work when we were growing up -- and I'm one of three -- the one thing she wishes she had done for herself was to work just a little bit. Finding the balance that's right for you is hard when you're trying to have a little bit of everything.

Balancing ActI really want to have homemade bread! I did a lot as a kid, so I want to have it for my family too. And I want to have playgroups and go to art classes and be a part of everything. At the same time, a lot of women have been raised to have a career, and you also want to be a good wife and a good girlfriend, and it's a lot to do. What do I miss? I miss reading and seeing my friends. And any quiet time -- if I find it, I'll take it!

Pregnancy CravingsOh yeah! I always have cravings. It doesn't matter if I'm pregnant or not! I use pregnancy as an excuse to say I'm craving ice cream and chocolate, but really, that's just me. I feel great. Everything's been pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Violet. So far, so good. I've been really lucky.

Even Stars Watch TVThis past summer I watched the Olympics like a fiend. I stayed up way too late obsessively watching the games and then checking online during the day to see what I was missing! The Olympics were big for me.

Make-a-Wish FoundationIt's a charity that's near and dear to my heart, and I love getting to see a wish granted. Recently we had two kids whose wish was to see how a Baby Einstein video is made, so they were able to be a part of the filming of a new video and experience the whole thing. And then we had this event for the kids that was basically like being inside a Baby Einstein video come to life -- full of music and art.

Perks of MotherhoodThe best part of being a mom is the kid herself -- that you get to have this little person be your friend and hang out with you (and drive you crazy!). Obviously your life changes and your heart expands, and it's something you can't even put into words without sounding incredibly sentimental and cliched -- both of which I am! But what it really is, is this new being is there, which is just the most fun ever.

Originally published in the December 2008 issue of American Baby magazine.

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