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Chrissy Teigen Is Proud to Raise Her Children in a Generation Where Kids Create the Change

“Now seeing these kids stand up and pave the way makes me feel so much better about the way my kids are going to grow up and frustrated about the fact that I couldn't do it in my generation.”

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Upon sitting down with Chrissy Teigen, let’s just say we had a million questions. Chatting with one of America’s token sweethearts means gaining insight on inner celebrity social circles, brand deals, recipes, fashion, modeling, John Legend, WHO BIT BEYONCÉ IN THE FACE—all subjects we would die to hear her most likely comical and straightforward opinions on. But above all else, Teigen is a soon-to-be mother-of-two—one many young, millennial moms look up to, respect, and can relate to. Her lack of censorship provides a voice to a huge population of parents.

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Like any mom or dad raising children today (or looking to do so), the weight of the world can often bare heavy on one’s mind. 2018, in particular, has been an eye-opening year as America’s youth has been left to fight for a better quality of life in regards to serious political issues such as gun control, women’s rights, immigration, global warming, etc.—one list that seemingly has no end.

So, does this famous momma share the fears of many parents, raising their kids in an environment with so much uncertainty? In major Teigen fashion, she focused on how thankful she feels to live in a world where the young boys and girls of America are bringing change for those to come.

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“These kids are having to put up with so much and have had to grow up so quickly. The fact that they can lead these marches—these Parkland kids—to be able to go up there and speak in front of millions of people. They are tough kids, and they've learned, they grew up going to high school and being shamed on the internet to a million people at once,” she explained.

Teigen herself is well vetted in the social media sphere and the backlash that comes with it, but even she can’t believe the strength and grace many of these kids and teens uphold while living under a microscope. “They've had to deal with things that I would never have to deal with. I would never have made it through high school if there were Twitter, and comments, and Facebook,” Teigen confessed.

But just like any double-edged sword, these kid’s high exposure to the world through resources like social media has given them the tools they need to bring on change like no generation before. “You gain this intense respect for them. They are so incredibly well-spoken and outspoken,” Teigen said. “I love it because they're tired, they're tired of it, and I'm so happy that my daughter gets to follow them and also so frustrated that we couldn't do more in my generation for them. We got lazy and complacent and let the wrong side completely take over.”

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The passion in Teigen’s voice regarding this discussion topic was unmatched during the whole interview. “Now seeing these kids stand up and pave the way makes me feel so much better about the way my kids are going to grow up and frustrated about the fact that I couldn't do it in my generation.”

Teigen not only stands in solidarity with these kids striving to reconstruct the rules of our nation, she is thankful they are looking out for her kids everywhere, “I'm proud to back them, to stand with them, to march with them, I think it's fantastic—I'm so lucky.”