11 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Infertility

Becoming a mom isn't easy for every woman who wants a child, and celebrities are no exception. These stars have all faced fertility challenges -- and been honest and open about their paths to parenthood.

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The Celeb: Kim Kardashian

Her Struggle: The 34-year-old reality TV star and mom of North West, who turns 2 in June, has opened up about her difficulty getting pregnant with baby number two on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She is seeing a fertility specialist and has joked that she has been having sex with husband Kanye West "500 times a day" to up her chances of conceiving. "It's been more challenging to get pregnant the second time around," she said at the E! International Press Junket in January. "When you're not planning it, it happens. It's just how God works. And when you want it so bad, it's not happening." The reality show star still isn't pregnant, as far as we know.

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The Celeb: Jaime King

Her Struggle: The model and actress opened up about her painful struggles to get pregnant recently, first on Instagram and then in an interview with People. "I was hiding what I was going through for so long, and I hear about so many women going through what I went through," she said. "If I'm open about it, hopefully it won't be so taboo to talk about it." King, 35, was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis and endured five miscarriages, five rounds of IVF and 26 rounds of intrauterine insemination before conceiving her son, James Knight, naturally. "When I got pregnant, it was the best thing in the whole world," she told People. "I had never felt so grateful, happy and elated." James was born in October 2013; King announced in February 2015 that she's expecting again.

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The Celeb: Trista Sutter

Her Struggle: The former star of The Bachelorette revealed in February that she battled infertility for two years before giving birth to her son Maxwell in 2007 and daughter Blakesley two years later. "It's a very difficult thing to not be able to do anything about making a dream of yours come true and questioning whether something is wrong with you," she told Fox411 about her struggle to become a mother. "So that was definitely a dark time in my life."

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The Celeb: Giuliana Rancic

Her Struggle: The E! News host's struggles with infertility were well documented on television, and they were heart-wrenching, to say the least. After turning to IVF to conceive, Rancic, 40, suffered a miscarriage when she was nine weeks pregnant and also learned she had cancer. She and husband Bill Rancic turned to a surrogate, who gave birth to their baby boy Edward Duke in 2012. Sadly, surrogate miscarried while trying for baby number two for the couple.

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The Celeb: Elizabeth Banks

Her Struggle: After years of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, the Hunger Games actress and her husband turned to gestational surrogacy to grow their family. Banks told Women's Health in 2012 about the decision to use a surrogate after years of trying: "It helped that other moms had said that once they had their babies, they forgot they were ever pregnant," she said. "So once my focus became the baby and not the pregnancy, it was a very easy decision." Today's she's the happy mom of two boys -- Felix, born in 2011, and Magnus, born in 2012.

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The Celeb: Gwen Stefani

Her Struggle: After having two boys, Gwen Stefani, 45, revealed that she tried for a third baby in 2010 when she was 40 but couldn't get pregnant. "I really, really, really wanted one about two years ago," she told Marie Claire. "And it didn't really work out. So...I feel good with what we've got. Everything works out how it should. You can't plan anything, right? You can try." Ultimately, Stefani did get pregnant again and gave birth to her third son, Apollo, in 2014.

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The Celeb: Mariah Carey

Her Struggle: The pop singer had a miscarriage and then underwent fertility treatments to conceive her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. "The main thing I did that was tough was to go on progesterone like every month... and then when I was pregnant, I had to stay with the progesterone for 10 weeks," Carey, now 45, told Barbara Walters on 20/20 in 2011. "It minimizes the chance of miscarriage by 50 percent." Obviously, the treatments and the acupuncture she did to de-stress worked; Carey's twin son and daughter turn 4 in April.

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The Celeb: Brooke Shields

Her Struggle: Actress Shields had to undergo in vitro fertilization because of infertility trouble stemming from a condition called cervical dysplasia. After a round of IVF, she got pregnant -- only to have a miscarriage. "We were crushed," she told People of her infertility struggles. "Up 'til then, I thought simply because it was time and I wanted to have a baby, it would work out." Ultimately, it did: Shields, now 49, gave birth to daughters Rowan and Grier in 2003 and 2006.

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The Celeb: Courteney Cox

Her Struggle: The Friends star tried unsuccessfully for years to get pregnant with now ex-husband David Arquette, but had multiple miscarriages. "I get pregnant pretty easily, but I have a hard time keeping them," Cox, now 50, told People. She said in spite of all the disappointments, she and Arquette would "bounce back pretty quickly. I don't say it's a walk in the park. But what are you going to do? We just try again." They also went through IVF treatments, and daughter Coco was born in June of 2004.

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The Celeb: Sarah Jessica Parker

Her Struggle: After having son James, the Sex and the City actress and husband Matthew Broderick tried unsuccessfully for several years to conceive again. Ultimately, they turned to a surrogate to carry their twin daughters, who turn 6 in June. "We've been trying to expand our family for a number of years and we actually have explored a variety of ways of doing so," she told Access Hollywood after announcing they were expecting twins. "[Using a surrogate] was one of those things we discussed with seriousness that had real possibilities for us." Parker, 50, said she couldn't hide her infertility problems. "I couldn't pretend otherwise," she said. "It would be odd to have made this choice if I was able to, you know, have successful pregnancies since my son's birth."

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The Celeb: Celine Dion

Her Struggle: The singer, now 47, had to seek fertility treatments to get pregnant both times, first with her oldest son, when she sought the help of a fertility specialist, and then with her twin boys, whom she conceived after several rounds of in vitro fertilization. She also revealed to People in 2010 that she suffered a miscarriage in between.

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