Carrie Underwood on Juggling Parenthood With Her 'Unpredictable' Schedule

The singer and mom of two tells us about what is getting her and husband Mike Fisher through pandemic parenting and sharing her love of music with her sons.

With live concerts postponed, Carrie Underwood has been home much of the year, jamming with 5-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob, her sons with her husband, Mike Fisher, but that hasn't meant she's taking it easy. We asked the country singer to share a few of her parenting hits (and misses).

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Best time of the day...

Nighttime. My boys are both extra cuddly and loving when they're all clean from a bath and I'm either rocking Jake or saying prayers with Isaiah. The 15 minutes before each one of them goes to bed is magical.

Hardest time of the day...

Right when Isaiah wakes up. He is not a morning person, and neither am I! And if either of my kids is overtired, it's not good. That's when all reason goes out the window and the impulse behavior begins.

Best trait I passed to my kids...

Both boys got a love of music from me. They both love to sing, and Isaiah is so particular about what he wants to listen to in the car. It's fun to see his musical tastes develop.

Challenging trait I passed to my kids...

Believe it or not, I can have a short fuse. I think Jake got that from me. When he gets frustrated because he can't do something he wants to do or something isn't working right for him, I know it's the "me" in him.

"We could not have guessed what would happen in the world, and how much we would all be ready for the hope and joy that Christmas music embodies."

My parenting superpower...

Organization. I'm really great at buying the groceries, packing the lunches, keeping the appointments on track, making sure the homework is done, and generally keeping all the lives in order.

My parenting kryptonite...

I can have a hard time when my little shipmates are making the ship hard to sail! I don't do well when one of my kids has a difficult time listening or I have to repeat requests. And the whining. I'm sure any parent can relate!

I have this down to a science...

Loving my kids! Those boys are my whole world, and I would do anything for them. I want my sons to be happy and well-adjusted, kind, responsible humans.

I am still figuring out...

How to juggle. My work life is pretty busy and can be unpredictable. Sometimes things are so hectic, I feel as if I'm not as present as I would like to be for them. I tell myself that there are ebbs and flows. Sometimes I am crazy-busy, and sometimes I have the luxury of being at home for longer periods of time, which many parents don't have. Nevertheless, juggling can be hard, and I am still trying to work on cutting myself a little slack!

Carrie Underwood My Gift hit No. 1 cover
Joseph Llanes

My Gift hit No. 1 on the Billboard Top Holiday Albums chart.

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