The new mom shared some adorable beach photos of her 8-month-old daughter, Ember, when the negative comments began to roll in. 

Baby Running on Beach
Credit: Valeriya Anufriyeva/Shutterstock

The mom shamers of Instagram must be having a slow week because their latest attack is really a stretch—Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is the mom facing scrutiny. While on vacation with her husband, Jeremy, in Hawaii, Roloff snapped some adorable photos on the beach with her 8-month-old daughter, Ember. The photos are seemingly innocent—at first sight we were at a loss over what the fuss was all about, but as it turns out people are upset that Ember’s bare bottom is exposed at the beach, and now on Instagram—oh the horror.

The series of photos capture Ember in the most swoon-worthy floral bonnet playing in the sand and water with her mom. Roloff’s caption reads, “This was an evening of undistracted playfulness with our little girl. Splashing in the ocean and digging in the sand. I think it was C.S. Lewis that said, 'Children aren’t a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.' I’ll admit it. I’m a heroic multitasker. And although this might be a skill worthy of praise in our culture, it’s a tendency I’m trying to fight against.”

Her message about motherhood is thoughtful and important, she continues, “I want to be more present, more tuned-in, and more alive in each moment, task, or encounter. Especially when it comes to motherhood. I don’t want to model busyness, I want my life to reflect discipline, priorities, and healthy rhythms of rest. I want my daughter to know by my actions that raising her is a privellage [sic] and a blessing, not a burden. Moms how do you fight against the temptaion [sic] to multitask?!”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to us like Roloff is handling motherhood just fine and her choice to post photos of her daughter is exactly that—her choice—no one should feel entitled to tell her otherwise. BUT, of course, people love to talk, scold, and share their unwarranted opinions:

“Of course dumb and stupid put a damn diaper on the kid! Audrey you really not a mom !!” wrote nlandin50.

“She's really cute but naked photos of you kids shouldn't be shared with the world they should be kept private,” said sweetlildevils0307.

“Dress her already! No need for Naked Babypics on Instagram,” wrote debbiewauters.

Have no fear, the motherhood army is strong and always comes to the rescue with their positive comments of support:

“I ADORE your photos and Ember will love them when she's older. Don't let trolls get to you! I also think you're doing a great job being a parent and you can already see she's thrilled you're her momma! Keep doing great,” wrote alinagilmore69.

“You 'people' should worry about your own...this is a BEAUTIFULL PIC...all of you who have made crappy comments to yourself..and You are the ones who need can get an infection from a BATH TUB!! Leave people alone unless YOU pay the bills!!” said chewroo.

“Stop bullying this young mom she hasn't done anything wrong!” wrote inmantracey.

As we can imagine, Roloff is letting the haters roll off her back (see what we did there) because she is a great mother. We love her adorable posts, constant positivity, and candidness about her journey as a parent. Congrats on your beautiful family Audrey and Jeremy!