Ashley Tisdale's Best Mom Hack Is Playing a Pink Song: 'It's Like a Secret Weapon'

The actress and singer talks about her transition to parenthood, her best advice to new parents, and why Pink has a special place in her home.

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As more people return to the office and classroom, Ashley Tisdale is helping parents reconquer their mornings. The mother of Jupiter, 4 months, has teamed up with Jamba to launch its all-new naturally caffeinated iced beverages, Gotcha Matcha and Bold 'n Cold Brew, which feature a house-made, plant-based sweet cloud whip foam topper.

The actress and singer (and fan of Gotcha Matcha) talks more about her morning routines, motherhood, and who she turns to for parenting advice.

Do you have any parenting hacks or advice for moms-to-be?

For new moms, I would say try to do something for yourself. You have this new addition, and obviously, all of your attention goes to the baby, but I think it's important to do little self-care things that make you happy.

What's something you didn't expect when becoming a mom?

To be honest I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know what kind of mom I was going to be. I have a very type-A personality but to my surprise, I've been more of a go-with-the-flow mom. But I enjoy it because I feel like sometimes when you're too close and gripping too much you need to let go a little bit. I've always trusted my intuition. And I know that babies are always changing and doing something different, so it's important to be more present.

What's your favorite part of motherhood?

It's made my life more meaningful. Things that were important to me even a year ago just aren't anymore. Obviously, I love to work but it's fun to have Jupiter be a part of that. It gives you a different perspective on life and what's truly important.

Did you have a favorite part of pregnancy?

Not really. I didn't have a tough pregnancy; I just don't know if I enjoyed it as much as others. I was having plantar fasciitis in my third trimester, which I'm still dealing with, so it was hard toward the end. Having a baby was never a goal in my life, but I'm so glad I did because it's been so much fun.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with Jupiter?

I love going hiking or walking with her. She obviously falls asleep in her little BabyBjorn, but it's fun. I also give her baths every night and that's always been my thing with her. I sing to her in the bath and she gets so excited. I love it. No matter what I'm doing and no matter how busy I am during the day, bath time is my time.

Does Jupiter have a favorite song?

She's a huge Pink fan. When she was a newborn, she had those witching hours where she would cry hysterically. I'd be like, "Please don't cry. Please don't cry." Not knowing what to do, I was like, "OK, let's dance a little bit." Once I put on "Beautiful Trauma" and she stopped crying. Turns out this baby will be hysterical, and if you play "Beautiful Trauma," she stops crying. She'll fall asleep to it. I told Chris and he did not believe me until it happened five times in a row. It's the weirdest song for her to calm down to since I didn't even listen to it while I was pregnant, but I thank God we have it. It's like a secret weapon.

How do you unwind after a busy day?

It's more that I like to start the day with either meditation or yoga. I have created rituals that help me morning and night. At night I like to take a bath or do a face mask. I just love having those moments to myself.

Who has been your go-to person for advice?

I really rely on my sister and mom. My sister has an 11-year-old, so I rely on her if I'm questioning something, but at the same time, I feel like I know Jupiter more than anyone. Sometimes I'll ask my friends. One of my best friends had her baby a day after Jupiter, so they're very close in age and it's cool to do things together. For example, I just sleep trained Jupiter and she's about to sleep train her baby so it's been fun to share those moments.

Are there any parenting books you've read that have helped guide you?

I felt as though I had to read everything before I had the baby. But someone told me that when you have the baby you're going to know what to do, and it is so true. That said, I find Moms on Call Basic Baby Care to be really helpful, especially with routine. When we were trying to figure out Jupiter's schedule for napping, that was super helpful.

What are your plans for the fall?

I've been working on my site, Frenshe. I also have a love for interior design so I've been doing my house which has been fun. Obviously, because of the times that we're in, something's changing every day, so Jupiter's security is most important for me. I'll want to feel comfortable about going back on a set. And I don't know exactly when that time will be, but I'll have to be really inspired and excited. I'm more focused on what characters I want to play and shows I want to do than before.

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