Alyson Hannigan Has a Love/Hate Relationship With Crafting But Still Does It for Her Kids

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star and mom of two shares how her family has weathered the year of pandemic distance learning at home.

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Alyson Hannigan, the comedic actor from How I Met Your Mother—and before that, Buffy the Vampire Slayer—has spent her pandemic days overseeing schooling and crafting with daughters Satyana, 11, and Keeva, 8. In fictional family life, she stars alongside a squirrel (of the CGI variety) in the Disney+ film Flora & Ulysses, based on the Newbery Medal–winning book, playing mom to the squirrel's pal, Flora.

Recent parenting win

I think I've really made this incredibly hard time as fun and positive for my kids as I could. We act silly and we've gotten creative with remote learning, and I remind them it that will be something they can tell their grandkids they lived through.

Recent parenting fail

I tend to interrupt them during school. Yesterday, I was trying to adjust a curtain that I'd hung up to block the sunlight from my daughter's desk, and the entire thing fell down! Rod and all. Oops.

My parenting superpower

I do holidays and birthdays really well. I basically do what I would have loved as a kid!

My parenting kryptonite

I'm not great with planning playdates (although I've gotten out of that one for the last I forget that the kids probably want to go to someone else's house.

Best time of day

Anytime my kids want to snuggle!

Worst time of day

Right before dinner, everyone gets hangry.

Meal I make that my kids love

I make fun food, usually for lunchtime. I love themes! For example, for the first day of school I made everything look like school supplies. Sandwiches were books, bell peppers were rulers, a cheese stick was a pencil, stuff like that.

Meal I tried that the family rejected

They are pretty great about trying things, but my younger daughter was not into my egg frittata. :(

Best trait my kids got from me

Seeing the bright side of things

Unfortunate trait my kids got from me

Starting projects and not finishing them

Activity I love to do with my kids

We love any and all types of crafting! It's wonderful to see how creative and imaginative they are.

Activity I hate to do with my kids

I also hate to craft with my kids because the cleanup is big!

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