9 Reasons Chrissy Teigen is Having the Best Pregnancy Ever

From her doting hubby John Legend to getting style advice from Kim Kardashian, here are nine reasons Chrissy Teigen is having the best pregnancy ever.


[MUSIC] 9 Reasons Chrissy Teigen is Having the Best Pregnancy Ever. #1 Hubby John Legend can't keep his hands off her bumb. "John and I are so happy to announce that we are pregnant.." "Rolling through awards season over here..." #2 She gives in to her unhealthy cravings but still looks amazing! "Cap'n Pebbles cravings, nightly" I seriously want to eat healthy but I cannot imagine anything other than a buffalo chicken sandwich exists in the world at this moment. Someone please tell me that the pizza with the garlic knot crust at pizza hut is gross because i've been thinking about it for 3 days now. #3 She's totally embracing her new curves. "Somebody is early to the party" "Hello new thighs! You appeared out of nowhere but am no mad about it!" #4 She's getting style advice from Kim Kardashian. "She told me to go stretchy." #5 Her new cookbook debuted at #1 on the best sellers list Frito pie, anyone? "Cravings debuts at number one on the New York Times best sellers list!!! AHHHHHH!!!" #6 She's kept her sense of human even when food hasn't. I am about to die alone, from acid reflux. I just wanna say goodbye. Real maple syrup is trash. the only real syrup is fake syrup from an aunt or a mrs. #7 She had a baby shower fit for a queen. "Luckiest girls around. <3 <3 <3" #8 She got baby naming advice from the president. "I asked President Obama if he liked one of our name choices... and he said he did..." #9 She's ben incredibly open about her infertility struggles and IVF. "My natural blessing from god was infertility. For the record, I'm more than happy and open to speak on infertility. The more casual, the better! I don't mind. I also picked the embryo with a taste for bacon, a knack for magic and size 7 feet so she can always find shoes." 

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