What You Need to Know About Your Only Child

Is your child dilligent, conscientious, and a perfectionist? Sounds like she's an only child! Learn more about your kid's personality.


An only child sits on a pedestal surrounded by her doting parents who try hard to make her happy and give her everything she wants. This loving attention makes her feel like she can go out and conquer the world. Presidents Obama and Franklin Roosevelt along with tennis star Maria Sharapova and singer Alicia Keys are a few examples of the self-assured singletons who have achieved greatness. But there's a downside to the undivided attention an Only receives. Parents often push them to succeed. They tend to become perfectionist, afraid or disappointing others. Onlys may also feel, well, lonely, spending most of their time with grownups instead of peers. And their lack of practice in sharing and taking turns with siblings can make them self-centered, possessive and bossy. These traits can follow them into adulthood. Here are some tips for raising an only child. Arrange lots of play dates with kids of your child's own age. Avoid constantly pushing her and critiquing her. Work on her social skills at home such as teaching her to say please, thank you and excuse me. Finally, set limits on how much you do for her so she develops realistic expectation of others.

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