This Mom Influencer Shares How Her Journey From New York to Utah Led to the Ultimate Career

In the latest episode of Mom Famous, Utah native Morgan Pederson explains how her love of design led to 10 years in New York City. But upon having her second child, she and her husband moved back home, and they've never been happier.

Whether mom Instagrammers are sharing about their lives from Malibu, the Windy City, or Beantown, their location is often a supporting character in the stories they share online. In the latest episode of People and Parents' Mom Famous, Morgan Pederson explains how her homestate factors into her lifestyle and work. A proud Utahn, Pederson says the Beehive State is "the capital for mom bloggers and influencers."

Married at 19, the mom of two says Utah's culture encourages getting married and starting your family young. And ever since she was a young girl, she knew she wanted to be an interior designer. "I used to take my mom's Ethan Allen catalog, cut out stuff, make my own mood boards," she remembers. "I had all of this energy as a young kid."

That passion for design was apparent for Pederson when, in college, during the summer of 2009, she did an interior design internship in New York City. Soon thereafter, she and her husband moved to the Big Apple. "I think we both found ourselves," she remembers. "I was working in the fashion space—it was like the wild wild west of e-comm. It was like the beginning of this influencer stage."

A plan to stay for two years turned into 10, but after Pederson gave birth to her second daughter and the family had spent months during the pandemic in a small apartment, the couple decided to move back to Utah. "I began to realize, with two kids now, that Utah really is a great place," she says. "There's so much for them to do."

And the move also benefited her work. "Moving to Utah was a blessing because there is a sea of creators," says the proud mom and co-founder of Connectors and Creators who, along with her business partner Natasha Smith, loves to connect people to people, brands to brands, and influencers to brands.

What's more, one of the aspects of her work Pederson values the most these days is that, not only is authenticity valued more, but being an influencer and supporting other creators blends seamlessly with her family life. As the mom of two puts it, influencers and entrepreneurs can be "a mom full-time at home but also have a career and create an empire."

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