Parenting Teenagers

Parenting a teenager requires new skills and ideas. Are you up for the challenge? Here's what you need to know to be successful.

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The Newest Student Credit Cards—and How to Teach Responsible Credit Spending
Here are some of the most notable credit card options and tips for ensuring your student doesn't get in over their head.
Teens Are Facing a Social Confidence Crisis Post-Pandemic, Here's What Parents Need to Know
After more than a year of virtual learning, teenagers are expressing an array of anxiety around socializing with their peers in-person. A teen shares what this social anxiety looks like and experts weigh in on how parents can help prepare their kids to face the world.
It's Important For Your Teen to See a Therapist, Here's Why
It can feel intimidating to send your teen to therapy, but it can make all the difference. A teen and an adolescent health expert share the value in mental health care at this vulnerable age.
Why Styling My Hair Is Important to Me as a Black Teen
The way teens style their hair is often a form of self-expression and should be celebrated. A Black teen shares why her hair is important to her and the importance of the CROWN Act.
How Parents Can Help Their Teens Plan For The Future
You might feel like you're sitting on the edge of your seat as you watch your teen try to pave their own path. There are ways to help them succeed while maintaining their independence. A teen and a psychologist share how.
6 Things About Remote Learning Teens Actually Loved (and Should Be Here to Stay)
As teachers and schools in the U.S. prepare for the 2021 school year back in classrooms, a teen shares thoughts on how we can take what we learned over the last two years to improve the education system.

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It's one of the worst times to buy a car in decades—but you may still want to. Here's help breaking down annual costs to determine whether you can afford to buy your teen a car.
The Pandemic Was Hard on Teens, But My Sibling Relationship Helped Me Through It
In this week's Teen Talk column, a college freshman who lived at home for an extra year through remote learning shares the silver lining of lockdown: how she unexpectedly built a deeper connection with her siblings.

Multiple Teens Need Surgery After Copying a Dangerous TikTok Trend—and Parents Are Issuing a Warning

Yet another social media trend is sending kids to the hospital. And now, parents of those who were affected are speaking out.