Parenting Teenagers

Parenting a teenager requires new skills and ideas. Are you up for the challenge? Here's what you need to know to be successful.

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Here's What Teen Depression Looks like (Spoiler: It May Not Be What You Think)

Depression can feel both confusing and insurmountable. In this week's Teen Talk, a teen with depression shares what their experience is like and an expert weighs in on how parents can play a big role in helping them through it with education and support.

Romance for Teens Isn't Dead, but It Looks Totally Different

Dating for teens today may look very different than it used to, but there's still romance hiding behind those DMs and memes. In this week's 'Teen Talk,' those nuances are explained.

I'm a Teen and I'm Terrified to Be Back in School in a Pandemic

Teens understand more of the risks of COVID-19 exposure than younger children, so their concerns around entering crowded hallways and classrooms are very real. In this week's 'Teen Talk," a high school freshman shares her concerns and an expert weighs in how parents can help alleviate them.

It's Natural for Teens to Want to Party, Even During a Pandemic—Here's How to Convince Them Not To

As time and the pandemic continues, teens, like everyone else, are developing a serious case of cabin fever. In this week's 'Teen Talk' column, a college student explains why teens are partying despite safety concerns and an expert shares what parents can do to protect them from COVID-19.

This Is How I Wish My Parents Talked to Me About Sex

At 21 years old, our 'Teen Talk' columnist admits she never had the ‘sex talk’ with her parents and why she wishes she did.

5 Things Divorced Parents Can Do to Co-Parent Better, According to Experts and a Teen Who Is Living It

In this week's 'Teen Talk' column, a teen and an expert weigh in on how parents can strategize their co-parenting experience in a way that's best for the kids.

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How to Turn Your Teen's Bedroom Into Their Dream Dorm Room

With remote learning and virtual classes on tap for the fall 2020 semester, it's time to transform childhood bedrooms into college-worthy spaces with these teen room ideas.

Screen Time Experts Say Quality Matters More Than Quantity—Especially in a Pandemic

Not all screen time is created equal, and a new report from Common Sense Media reminds parents of teens to prioritize learning and social connection when it comes to iPhone and tablet use.

How to Keep Your Teen Activist Healthy and Safe at Protests and Demonstrations

As Black Lives Matter demonstrations and Pride Month events continue, follow these steps to support your Black, mixed-race, LGBTQ, and ally teen's activism and prepare them for police violence and crowd control.