Teaching Tolerance

Kids don't naturally understand how to be tolerant. But they will with your supportive lessons and our tips on a whole host of tough topics like race, discrimination, disability, and more.

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How to Teach the Difference Between Race and Ethnicity to Your Kids

Like many mindful parents, I've been trying to teach my child how to be anti-racist. But in order for me to successfully start these conversations, I needed to educate myself on the difference between race and ethnicity.

I Let My Son Wear A Dress, Don't Call Me a Bad Mom

Danielle Lucia Schaffer, the blogger behind City Girl Gone Mom, is raising four confident kids. When her youngest son dressed up in his older sister's princess costumes, she celebrated his innocent play. That's until another mom told her she was a bad parent. Now she's encouraging all parents to have an open mind.

Middle School Shut Down After Transgender Girl, 12, Threatened on Parents Facebook Group

Threats apparently made by adults on social media against a 12-year-old transgender student who has attended classes for two years without incident led a small, rural Oklahoma school district to shut down classes Monday and Tuesday.

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I Would Be Proud If My Child Took The Knee

While Donald Trump and the NFL duked it out over this form of protest on Twitter and at games nationwide, an entire team of 8-year-old football players made the call to kneel. And I support them.

The White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville Is a Wakeup Call for Parents

Nazis used to be just a history lesson—but what happened in Charlottesville shows that we need to help our kids fight against hate and intolerance.

Parents: Stop Disguising Your Trans Bigotry as Concern for Your Children

Much has been said about the need to stop using religion as an excuse for discriminating against LBGTQ people. I'd like to issue the same call to those crying, "Won't somebody think of the children!"