Teaching Tolerance

Kids don't naturally understand how to be tolerant. But they will with your supportive lessons and our tips on a whole host of tough topics like race, discrimination, disability, and more.

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How to Teach the Difference Between Race and Ethnicity to Your Kids

Like many mindful parents, I've been trying to teach my child how to be anti-racist. But in order for me to successfully start these conversations, I needed to educate myself on the difference between race and ethnicity.

New Book Addresses Police Safety for Children of Color

One mom created a picture book to help young black kids stay A-L-I-V-E during encounters with police officers.

Raising a Child Who Respects Difference

Imagine a world where children of all races and backgrounds understand and respect each other and grow up to be adults who do the same. It is possible with a little help from you.

How to Wipe Out Prejudices Before They Start

Kids pick up on prejudice at an early age. Learn what experts are doing to stop negative beliefs before they take root.

Your Age-by-Age Guide to Talking About Race

Find out what children understand about racial differences and how to talk to them about it in our age-by-age guide.

5 Great Volunteering Sites for Finding Opportunities for Kids

These sites that offer ways for families to get involved in volunteering have been carefully evaluated for Parents.com by a team of professors and students at Tufts University in Medford, Mass.

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How to Help Your Kid Handle Scary News

Frightening events happen in the world every day, and grappling with them is hard for all of us. Dawn Huebner, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist explains how to soothe your child’s worries.

Middle School Shut Down After Transgender Girl, 12, Threatened on Parents Facebook Group

Threats apparently made by adults on social media against a 12-year-old transgender student who has attended classes for two years without incident led a small, rural Oklahoma school district to shut down classes Monday and Tuesday.

One Mom Blogger Aims to Stop Cultural Appropriation in Costumes

"If we are going to dress up as a real person, we have to make sure we are doing it in a way that is respectful."