Teaching Tolerance

Kids don't naturally understand how to be tolerant. But they will with your supportive lessons and our tips on a whole host of tough topics like race, discrimination, disability, and more.

Children's Volunteering Resource Guide

To accompany our article on "Kids Who Care," here are Websites that offer ways for families to get involved in volunteering. These sites have been carefully evaluated for Parents.com by a team of professors and students at Tufts University in Medford, Mass.

This Photographer Is Changing the Meaning of 'Boys Will Be Boys'

Photographer and mom Kirsten McGoey's #ABoyCanToo photo series breaks down gender stereotypes.

Kristen Bell Exclusive: How I Talk to My Kids About Race

The actress and mom of two daughters shared her thoughts on raising global citizens and her approach to talking to her kids about differences.

The Naked Truth on Family Nudity

Our expert resolves one mom and dad's disagreement about being naked in front of their kids.

Your Age-by-Age Guide to Talking About Race

Find out what children understand about racial differences and how to talk to them about it in our age-by-age guide.

Fun Ways to Teach Values

Clever ideas for helping kids learn values without preaching or nagging.

Teaching Kids to Respect Other Religions

Even if you're raising a family rooted in one faith, show your children how to connect with and tolerate other religions.

Raising a Child Who Respects Difference

Imagine a world where children of all races and backgrounds understand and respect each other and grow up to be adults who do the same. It is possible with a little help from you.

Parenting Siblings of Children with Disabilities

What parents need to consider for their children who are siblings to a child with special needs.

"Mommy, Why Are Soldiers Fighting in Iraq?"

A mom--and professor of politics and international affairs--reveals how she answers tough questions from her son about the war in Iraq.

Dr. Spock: Cultural Differences in Parenting

Parenting advice from one of America's favorite experts.

How to Answer Kids' Toughest Questions

Be prepared for the day when your child asks that tricky question you'd probably rather avoid.

Vacation Nightmares

It might not end up on Instagram, but a ruined family trip may teach you lessons you'll never forget.

Wiping Out Prejudices Before They Start

Kids pick up on prejudice at an early age. Learn what experts are doing to stop negative beliefs before they take root.

Are You Feeding Your Kids These Gender Stereotypes?

A fake line of baby food urges parents to stop feeding gender stereotypes to kids.

There's Now a Fun Way to Teach Your Kids Their LGBTs

This video aims to help parents explain what LGBT means.

Parenting Style: Tune into Your Child's True Nature

He's shy. You're social. She's a bully. You were hoping for a ballerina. Let's face it: Sometimes you'd love to change your child. But think twice; often it's the parent who needs a mental makeover.

Kids and War: Expert Answers to Urgent Questions

How much does your child understand about war? How much should you tell her? Dr. James Garbarino, Co-Director of Family Life Development Center at Cornell University, addresses your concerns.

Helping Children Deal With Adversity

An expert's thoughts on the best way to help children through this tough time.

Feeling Safe in a Scary World

Since September 11, adults have learned to live with a new sense of uncertainty, but kids still need extra comfort, reassurance, and honesty.

Helping Kids Get Comfortable with a Peer Who Has Disabilities

Jan Faull, MEd, on helping kids learn to accept and include their classmates with disabilities.

School Shootings: The Conversation You Need to Have with Your Kids

When something as tragic and frightening as a school shooting occurs, children are bound to have many concerns. We turned to educational psychologist and Parents advisor Michele Borba, EdD, for the five best things you can say to reassure them now.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism and Intolerance

In an era marked by division, teaching children to embrace difference--and protecting them from racism and prejudice--is our moral imperative as parents.

The Way Other Kids Treated This Girl With Autism Made Her Mom Speak Out--In a Good Way!

Despite the stories of misunderstanding and hate we often hear, we shouldn't forget there's also a lot of kindness in the world, too.

Why I Regret Letting My Kid Wear an 'Indian' Costume for Halloween

I'm acknowledging now that my decision was made from a place of ignorance, and that I can do better.