Teaching Tolerance

Kids don't naturally understand how to be tolerant. But they will with your supportive lessons and our tips on a whole host of tough topics like race, discrimination, disability, and more.

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5 Ways to Find Volunteering and Community Work That's Best for Your Family
Are you and your family hands-on volunteer types? Regular sharers of upbeat words and encouragement? This guide can help you figure out your secret sweetness superpower.
How to Teach the Difference Between Race and Ethnicity to Your Kids
Like many mindful parents, I've been trying to teach my child how to be anti-racist. But in order for me to successfully start these conversations, I needed to educate myself on the difference between race and ethnicity.
I Let My Son Wear A Dress, Don't Call Me a Bad Mom
Danielle Lucia Schaffer, the blogger behind City Girl Gone Mom, is raising four confident kids. When her youngest son dressed up in his older sister's princess costumes, she celebrated his innocent play. That's until another mom told her she was a bad parent. Now she's encouraging all parents to have an open mind.
Disney Channel Has Its First 'Coming Out' Storyline
The show Andi Mack is about to have a major character realize he's gay—and come out to his friends. 
I Would Be Proud If My Child Took The Knee
While Donald Trump and the NFL duked it out over this form of protest on Twitter and at games nationwide, an entire team of 8-year-old football players made the call to kneel. And I support them.
Mom's Letter to Kids at Pool Who Wouldn't Play With Son With Down Syndrome Goes Viral
There's a very important message behind this mother's passionate letter about her son being excluded, and it's one all parents should hear.

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The Son I Didn't Know I Wanted
The most shocking thing about having a transgender teenager? At the end of the day, you're a sock washing, recital-attending nugget-nuking mom like any other.
The Way Other Kids Treated This Girl With Autism Made Her Mom Speak Out—In a Good Way!
Despite the stories of misunderstanding and hate we often hear, we shouldn't forget there's also a lot of kindness in the world, too.
Kids Who Care

Socially active children are not only more likely to become compasionate citizens but also to excel in school, avoid drugs and alcohol, and be creative problem solvers. Here are easy but effective ways to inspire your whole family to help others.