Winter Before You Had Kids vs. Winter Now

If you thought being snowed in was a challenge before you were a parent, wait 'til you do it with kids.

After the merriness of the holidays has passed, you're left with winter. Dark, dreary, cold winter. Once upon a time, you may have described this time as cozy, or even fun. But when you have kids, January, February, and March take on a whole new meaning.

Here are the differences between winter when you were childless and winter now. (Note: You may want to go stock up on the wine.)

Winter Mornings

Before Kids: You'd stay in bed as long as you could in the mornings, because SO. COLD.

Now: You're woken up earlier than ever by kids who are telling you they're cold.

Indoor Activities

Before Kids: You were known to go on a few baking sprees, because what's cozier than warm cookies and a house that smells of cinnamon?

Now: If baking means watching two kids fight over who gets to pour in the chocolate chips and cleaning a floor full of flour. Then, yeah. You "bake."

Weekend Plans

Before Kids: You'd meet friends for brunch or for a cozy dinner out.

Now: Your playdate plans are constantly falling through because someone's always sick.

Winter Nights

Before Kids: You lit a few candles and curled up by the fire with a glass of wine, soaking in all the season had to offer.

Now: You spend your time trying to keep the kids away from the fire (even if it isn't lit), counting down the minutes until this god-forsaken, everyone's-stuck-inside season is over. But yes, there's still wine. Lots of wine.

Outdoor Activities

Before Kids: You'd go for the occasional post-snow walk, looking all cute, bundled up in your coat and scarf.

Now: You spend 30 minutes dressing the kids to go outside in the snow, 10 minutes outside with them, then another five cleaning up spilled, post-snow hot cocoa.

Winter Vacation

Before Kids: You'd take a last-minute, get-out-of-the-cold getaway to a tropical island.

Now: You take a thoroughly-planned, get-out-of-the-cold getaway to the warmest, cheapest, family-friendliest place you can find. And you pray no one gets sick right before you leave.


Before Kids: You'd always buy yourself a cute new pair of boots or a chunky sweater.

Now: You haven't bought yourself boots or sweaters in years, because your kids outgrow their clothes every five minutes!

Snow Days

Before Kids: You loved staying home, padding around the house in sweats and eating comfort food.

Now: You're counting down the days until spring because your stir-crazy kids are driving you nuts!

Sick Season

Before Kids: You got one, maybe two colds each year.

Now: You and your kids are sick so often the pediatrician's office has dedicated the waiting room to you.

The First Snowfall

Before Kids: Magical.

Now: Your kids think it's magical. And that, you realize, makes it all the more magical for you.

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