Moms Respond: In What Ways Are You Becoming Your Mother?

These moms share the moments and behaviors that are all too familiar.

Interesting Mess

Like my mother, it bugs me when my kids get dirty or make a mess. It's funny, now that I've turned into my mother, she's turned into a typical grandparent. She lets my kids get as dirty as they want. Turn back the clock 20 years and she'd have freaked out to see me that way.Crystal, San Antonio, Texas

Loud & Clear

Sometimes I think I could be my mom's twin. I find myself saying the same things to my children that she said to me when I was young. And like her, I've developed super-hearing -- as soon as I pick up one little sound from my children's rooms, I know exactly what they're doing.Rebecca, Leonard, Texas

Mother Knows Best

I am more like my mom than I'd like to admit. We have identical voices and we say the same things to our husbands. For years I was scared that I would turn out exactly like her, but now that I am pregnant with my first child, I realize nothing could be greater.Victoria, Echo, Maine

Life Lessons

Whenever I scold my children, I imagine my own mother looking down on me smiling and laughing. Though she passed away many years ago, I still miss her zany sense of humor. I truly appreciate all the important morals and values I learned from her.Sandra, Detroit, Michigan

Crazy for Mom

Thankfully, I have become nothing like my mother. She nitpicks over every little thing, freaking out if my son isn't wearing his socks -- even if it's 90 degrees outside. She also refuses to believe anything my pediatrician says, because she thinks most doctors are crazy. But truth be told, my mother's so nutty, we can't help but love her!Sally, Boston, Massachusetts

Big Spenders

Like my mother, I've become a huge purse collector and a chronic shopaholic. We both enjoy giving and making people happy. When it's someone's birthday or a holiday, my mother and I always end up buying a tremendous amount of stuff for everyone.Meagan, Fort Pierce, Florida

Originally published in American Baby magazine, April 2006.

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