Parents, we asked you on Facebook to 'fess up to the worst thing you ever called "dinner"—and we we loved your relatable, LOL-worthy responses.

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“I added chicken broth to leftover lasagna and said it was soup.” —K.C. 

“I served leftover birthday cake and said it was a new day after-birthday tradition.” —J.P.S. 

“After a particularly stressful day, my toddler and I shared a package of chocolate-chip cookies for dinner. No regrets.” —K.H.

“We gave the 2-year-old a slice of cheese to hold her over until we could figure out what to eat, and then she went to bed before we gave her anything else.” —C.S. 

“Peanut-butter-and-syrup sandwiches—out of jelly and out of give-a-care.” —C.V. 

“Always default to pickles.” —K.K.W.

“I let my daughter eat a can of black olives for dinner because I had worked for 13 hours and was just too tired.” —K.W.

“A giant bucket of popcorn at the movies—with beef jerky that I snuck in. Because protein.” —M.T.G.

“Sometimes you just gotta throw down some cereal and call it a night.”—K.G.L. 

“A waffle my toddler found on the floor of the minivan.” –R.D.

“I cannot count the number of times my kids eat a little bowl of shredded cheese and a Popsicle and I count it as dinner. If it ain't broke...” –R.S.

“A tub of cool whip.” –M.F.

“Tonight it's fries. Just fries...” –N.H.

“Absolutely nothing!” –S.L.M.

“I literally just gave 2 of my kids a can of smoked baby clams in oil for dinner!” –T.G.

“Tonight my daughter wants a tortilla for dinner... and I said ok.” –A.H.

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