The Eh Bee Family Shares the Secret to Becoming Social Media-Famous

Want your family to be famous on YouTube, Vine, or Instagram? Well-known for their hilarious, yet wholesome, videos across social networks, the Eh Bee Family has the secret.


Hi we're the Eh Bee Family, and this is hot or not parent's edition. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]. It's going to be hot. Hot. Vining, Youtubing. Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting even musically together as a family. Hot, very hot. [MUSIC] Hot. Definitely. I love meeting all my fans. [LAUGH] All my fans. All our fans. [MUSIC] Hot. Not. Every month. Yeah, she's not a big fan of apps. Yeah. No, there are too many apps in this world. [MUSIC] Hot! Really? Nice! Yeah! Sweet! [MUSIC] Kind of not. Kind of hot and not for Mr. Monkey and I. Well, for me it's hot because I don't have any allergies so I can just go through any season without sniffling- She's unstoppable. Coughing. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Can't stop this girl. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Yeah, yeah. Not, not bat dad. Not. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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