25 Things Only Parents of Boys Will Understand

Sure, every child is unique and special, but there are some universal truths about raising a boy. We asked Parents readers on Facebook to spill the beans on what it's really like to have a little guy in the house (hint: there are lots of kisses¿and wet toilet seats).


Boys love their mommies so much. You will never be loved by any guy like you are by your son. [MUSIC] The way that they love me, it's just really Awesome and special. [MUSIC] Sometimes he be like, mama, can I sleep in the bed with you tonight. I was thinking you know, you cannot be a momma's boy okay? Now get in the bed and we'll sort this out before you go to college. Okay? Just one more night. Although it gets a little weird, my five year old walks through my room the other day as I was getting dressed and very casually said. Cool boobs, mom. They need to climb on things, you just have to let them, your couch is going to be climbed on. My couch has a hole in it now. My son started out that way, and as he's gotten older he's really mellowed. Now he can sit on the couch longer than I can. We could be the Olympic couch-sitting team. We could go all the way. Well the worst thing about being a mom to a boy is knowing that they have body part for which you have pretty much no knowledge, except for the knowledge that helped him become a child. The potty training goes on forever. Yeah. They're not so good with the nighttime dryness. You know, the girl, you give her the Cinderella panties or the Dora the Explorer and she's like, I'll never get these wet with the boys, they don't care. They're just like, look mom, you know, Superman is crying. I'm like no. You wet yourself son. [MUSIC]

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