What to Do With Kids' Artwork

Our readers share how they manage their kids' artwork.
Illustration by Shannon May

Turn It Into Keepsakes

I take digital pictures of my kids' creations, reduce the images to about three inches square, and print them onto Shrinky Dinks plastic sheets. These bake down to become fun little charms that we make into jewelry. Larger images become key chains or ornaments.

Lauren Hodges
Granger, IN

Make It Work

We laminate my girls' artwork for coasters and place mats.

Tracy Yates
Gresham, OR

Bind Art Into Books

I print photo books of my kids' work using the website GrooveBook. Each book costs only $2.99 and has 100 pages of 4.5- by 6.5-inch photos. You can even do it right from your phone!

Angie Smith
Sparta, TN

Curate A Corkboard

Each of my kids has a corkboard to fill with art. The only rule is that all of their artwork must go on the corkboards: they decide what to keep and what to toss. At the end of each school year, what's left gets put in a memory folder, and we start fresh the next year.

Carda Morrison
Hillsboro, OR

Choose Accessible Storage

I store all the kids' "keep" artwork in three-ring binders with protective sheets. My sons love taking them out when grandparents come to visit.

Kary Bijeol
Fremont, NH

Maximize Your Wall Space

I painted a wall in my kitchen with magnetic paint and use magnets to hang the kids' artwork from floor to ceiling. It's like having a really big refrigerator.

Amy Hieber
Export, PA

Spread Art Around

I send my kids' surplus pieces to nursing homes and hospitals to cheer up patients who are lonely.

Janet May
Dickson City, PA

Make It A Sweet Surprise

I have my kids write "thinking of you" notes on the backs of their artwork to mail to relatives. Out of the house but still bringing smiles!

Ali Asher
Mauldin, SC

String It Up

We run a string along one wall that the kids can attach their art to with clothespins. There is room for only so many pieces, so the kids have to take one down to hang a new one.

Annaleesa Hanks
Saint Johns, FL

Employ a Clipboard System

I hung four clipboards on the wall, one for each of my kids. They pick what goes up on their own clipboard and get to change it as often as they like.

Renata Whightsil
Roseburg, OR

Originally published in the April 2015 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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