Our readers' best creative ides for what to do with excess Halloween candy!

Credit: Illustration by Jessie Ford

Support Our Troops

We take it to a dentist who buys it and ships it to troops overseas. Before we hand it over, my kids take a picture of their haul and, for under a dollar, have a print shop make a 14- by 17-inch poster

Amy LeachMenomonie, WI

Use the Scientific Method

Starting when he was 3, my son, now 10, has performed experiments with extra candy. We first put pieces in jars with water, white vinegar, or vegetable oil, then we advanced to test tubes. He takes notes, and we have many photos from over the years, because a scientist needs to record the results, of course.

Pamela J. MillerNew York, NY

Create a Halloween House

My son decorated a gingerbread house with most of his sugary treats. He won first prize in a contest!

Pam Cox JutteCharleston, SC

Bake a Batch of Goodies

You can freeze practically all candy (especially the chocolate varieties), so I keep what's left over for baking desserts, including a family favorite: "mix-up" brownies.

Shannon HolmesSomers, CT

Donate to Kids in Need

Every November for Operation Christmas Child, we fill shoe boxes with little gifts, including hard candies and lollipops saved from trick-or-treating, as well as small toys and school supplies. Doing this has really helped my kids to focus on the importance of looking to the needs of others.

Erica KnightsRuckersville, VA

Help the Homeless

A friend suggested this approach: fill small generic favor bags with a mixture of surplus Halloween candies and donate the bags to a family homeless shelter. It makes it easier for children living there to have birthday parties.

Jessica WeatherheadHopkinton, MA

Turn Candy Into Art

Using just candy and toothpicks, our family has an annual competition to make the best statue. Our creations become centerpieces on our table (we toss them after a week). Themes we've tried include scariest monster, tallest tower, and silliest creature.

Michelle KaderaPlacentia, CA

Originally published in the Octobert 2014 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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