Parenting Style: Positive Parenting

Positive, or authoritative, parents value mutual respect and being a good listener.


I'm Dr. Ari Brown and I'm going to explain what it means to be an authoritative or positive parents. This approach is kind of like running a democracy, except mom and dad have the final say. Positive parents value mutual respect. They respond to their child's needs and they're very nurturing. But they expect their child to respect them, talk to them and follow directions and rules. Positive parents are good listeners. They encourage cooperation by hearing what their child has to say. A positive parent might say, "I understand how you feel. Let's figure out a way to make this work and we'll both be happy." Positive parents are consistent and fair. They set up rules and boundaries and then they stick to them because they believe that placing appropriate demands on a child fosters independence and self control. Positive parents use non-physical discipline strategies. They turn a child's mistake into a teaching moment where a child learns a logical consequence for his error. They do not believe in spanking. Numerous studies have shown that kids who grow up in a positive parenting household are generally pretty happy people with high self-esteem. They're good at taking personal responsibility, keeping their emotions in check and getting along with others. This parenting style is a balance of setting reasonable expectations in a nurturing and loving way.

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