School's out for summer! Parents share how they celebrate the start of summer with their kids. 

April 02, 2015
Backpack off to the side with two roller skates under the sun
Credit: Illustration by Orlando Hoetzel

The end of the school year is a big deal in a kid's life—they can officially look forward to backyard pool days, mid-day ice pops, and no more alarm clocks. For parents, it's a milestone worth honoring: Your little one is growing up! Whether he's just stepping up from third grade to fourth, or actually graduating the school he's been in, here's how families are celebrating the occasion.

Plan a day of fun

Together, the kids and I make a list of fun things to do on their first day of summer break. Then from the list, I compile a surprise itinerary. Last year's was chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, playing in the park that afternoon, then ice cream and a beach walk at night. They still reminisce about their perfect day.

Anne Koch

Stevensville, MD

Throw a Sweet Party

We have a neighborhood s'mores-making party with fun fixings. It's a great way to start the summer.

Shannon Dodds

Eagle, CO

Have a Water-Fun Fight

All the moms in our neighborhood fill wagons with water balloons and water guns. We hide at the bus stop and ambush the kids as they get off!

Nicole Merenda

Andover, MA

Skate in Summer

My kids and I go roller-skating since another year has skated by.

Allison Cockrill

Austin, AR

Summer fun
Credit: iStockphoto

Mark the Finish Line

We hang a hand-painted "Welcome, Summer!" banner on our front porch. When the kids get out of school, they run right through it.

Teresa R. White

Canton, MI

Give a Useful Gift

For my 6-year-old, MaKenzie, I assemble a "welcome to summer" kit with outdoor toys and coupons for trips to a museum, the zoo, and the movies.

Victoria Rizzi

Indianapolis, IN

Invite Friends Over

We host a last-day-of-school sleepover party. The kids play flashlight tag and sleep in tents in our backyard. There's usually a whipped cream fight involved, too.

Susie Christiansen

Lenox, MI

Leave a Trail of Surprises

Before class gets out, I write chalk messages on the sidewalk all along the route to school. During the car ride home, my daughter reads them out: "Yahoo, school's out!" and "Summer's just a few steps away!"

Daisha Chase

Salem, OR

Hit the Open Road

We leave for a weekend getaway straight from school. Making it all the more exciting for my daughter is that she doesn't know where we're going.

Angela Chandler

Covington, LA

Turn up the Tunes

When we end a homeschool course, we play "Another One Bites the Dust," by Queen—very loudly.

Lisa Klink

Milliken, CO

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

My kids, Matthias, age 8, and Maddie, 11, go on a scavenger hunt when they get home. They both find summer toys, such as sidewalk chalk and jump ropes, at the end of it.

Cheyenne Allan

Wahiawa, HI

Share Vacation Plans

My husband and I reveal our summer vacation destination when our four kids get back from school. Each of them gets an envelope with a clue, and they have to work together to figure it out.

Amber Gabriel

Melbourne, FL

Begin a Countdown

We tear off the first link of our summer vacation countdown chain. Every few links has a special activity written on it: "hike," "drive-in movie," and so on. For the last day of school, it's always "ice cream sundaes."

Sherry Kelley

Coweta, OK

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