Fun Ways to Keep Vacation Memories

Our readers share their ideas for preserving special family travel moments.

Trim the Tree

Travel illustration Illustration by Jordan Sondler

Whenever we take a trip, we choose a special Christmas ornament. Among the ones we've brought home are a hand-carved turtle from the Cincinnati Zoo and a clay piñata from Mexico. As we decorate our tree, we remember all the fun places we've been.

Susie Hill Kure Beach, NC

Vacation Journal

Each night, we write the details of the day in a journal, and the kids include their favorite memories.

Cheryl Couture Enfield, CT

    Put a Pin In It

    We've spent many vacations in our motor home exploring America. Wanting something to mark each trip that wouldn't take up too much space or cost a lot, we began collecting pins from the places we visited and attaching them to a stuffed park ranger teddy bear.

    Rhonda McCurdy Anaheim, CA

      Make a Lasting Impression

      Every year our family places our vacation treasures -- pressed pennies, shells, and so on -- into a garden stepping-stone we make out of cement. It's a great activity to do together.

      Leah Greenley Woodland, MN

        Mail the Memories

        Our family mails a postcard to ourselves from each destination, with the dates of the trip and a list of places visited. It's an inexpensive way to remember a vacation, and our children love to see the card in our mailbox when we get home.

        Leah Walton Bedford, MA

          Draw a Line In the Sand

          Every summer, our extended family spends a week at the beach. We always take a picture of each of the cousins with his or her name and the year written in the sand. We started the tradition with just two kids and are now up to nine -- and counting!

          Kelly Parsons Germantown, MD

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          Originally published in the June/July 2014 issue of FamilyFun magazine.