Staying Close With Cousins

Our readers share how they help their kids connect with long-distance cousins
Illustration by Katherine Streeter

Send Silly Videos

My sister and I take videos of our kids doing funny things -- like using their toes to pick stuff up -- then challenge the other set of cousins to respond.

Kelly England McElwain
Lexington, SC

Hand Down Clothes

We pass special outfits between cousins and share pictures of all the kids wearing them.

Kayla Wells
Bigfork, MT

Set Them Up As Pen Pals

My daughters, ages 5 and 9, send out-of-state cousins pen-pal kits: shoe boxes with pens, stationery, and stickers inside. The kids love writing to each other.

Laura Ray
Charleston, WV

Take To The Woods Together

One of our kids' favorite things to do with their cousins is to go camping. Surviving rainstorms, cold, and mosquitoes? It's a great way to bond!

Abbi Cobb
Bemidji, MN

Plan (Virtual) Playdates

Our kids have Skype playdates with cousins. They've played Uno, Battleship, Pictionary, and more.

Cyndi Martin
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Share A Flat Stanley

My 9-year-old son drew a Flat Stanley and took photos with him around our town. He then sent the photos and Flat Stanley to his cousin, who took him on more adventures. Later, they made a scrapbook of Flat Stanley's travels.

Tia Ruggiero
Glens Falls, NY

Make a Cousins Encyclopedia

I assembled an Official Encyclopedia of Cousins for my kids and their 13 cousins. Everyone gets a page with their photo and 15 facts about them (nicknames, favorite songs, food, and so on). It's a great way to celebrate each cousin's unique interests.

Ann Hallock
FamilyFun Editor-in-chief

Originally published in the February 2015 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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