The stages of grieving the demise of your personal democracy, as told in gifs.

By Lindsay Tigar
September 30, 2016

It's your civic duty as an American, something your female ancestors fought tooth-and-nail for, and well, just a smart thing to do—especially if you ever want to complain about the economy or state of the country in the next four years. The deadline to register to vote varies by state, but when you miss that cut-off, there's no way around it: You won't be able to bleed blue or red in the election, and you'll have to wait until next time to make your opinion matter.

If between diaper changes, runs to the grocery store, and attempting to answer e-mails, 'registering to vote' fell off of your to-do list (we feel ya, mama), you might be going through some of these stages of grief, as you mourn the demise of your personal democracy.

The day before the deadline when you wake up at 3 a.m. in a cold sweat, and make an iPhone memo in capital letters to REGISTER TO VOTE tomorrow.

Finally sitting down at 8 p.m., turning on Netflix, exhaling...and realizing you still. Haven't. Registered.

...but then hearing your baby start to wail and completely forgetting about it.

Waking up the day after the deadline feeling well rested...but like you're forgetting something.

Cooking breakfast and thinking really hard about what you're missing. The laundry? The baby's diapers? To kiss your hubby?

...and then realizing you didn't do it. You didn't register.

Instantly—maybe because you're breastfeeding and hormonal, or just because you feel so annoyed with yourself—you remember all that women did to fight for the right to vote....

...and how much they sacrificed.

And how you only had one job. JUST ONE.

Then you think about what would happen if the candidate you don't like gets elected into office...

...and how awful it would be to see them leading the country.

Knowing that you didn't do anything in your power to stop them.

And now, the guilt of the entire country is on your shoulders. OMG, do you live in a SWING STATE?

You start to consider what people will think about your forgetfulness.

How will you tell your husband?

Your mother???

His mother?!?!

Your best friends?!?!?!

And registering would have only taken two minutes. FML.



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