10 Totally Relatable Parenting Moments

Only other moms and dads can truly understand what these parenting moments feel like.


When you bring that baby home and there's no one else but you to keep this thing alive, you are like this just got real. [MUSIC] Early on you kinda forget. You're like is someone calling me mommy? That is so weird. Well my older son said something about me just the other The other day. He said that when I'm mad, I'm like mm mm mm. Mm mm. And then I walk away. So I guess that's how I am as a parent. My daughter was like you're ruining my life and I'm like you don't even have a life. Like the life I gave you. Are you kidding me. My older son had one fit on the street like one meltdown tantrum. He was on the ground and I was using my hair to cover my face and I was like this is something only Parents understand? Hiding, just wanting to shrink, cause your kid is acting insane in public. It's really addictive, like getting your baby to smile and laugh. That's why parent act like such crazy people, anything to get that laugh, cause it's so much fun when a baby laughs at you. And then it turns, somewhere around the preteen years, where anything you can do to make them really mad is hilarious. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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