Positive Parenting

Are you a positive parent? Whether you're disciplining your child for bad behavior or helping through a difficult homework assignment, you'll love these tips for positive parenting.

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Want to Annoy Moms? Say These 13 Words and Phrases

Whether they come from friends or well-meaning strangers, these euphemisms and so-called terms of endearment irked the moms we polled most when it comes to parenting.

Seeing My 3-Year-Old Daughter Lose All Her Hair to Alopecia Was Devastating, But I Won't Let It Define Her

My daughter started losing all her hair because of alopecia when she was 3. It was very difficult to watch her go through it, but I'm now doing all I can to make sure she grows up with self-confidence.

Is it Ethical to Talk About Getting Our Kids into Good Schools?

As parents of white children, every single day presents us with an opportunity to chip away at oppression. Before we jump in and advocate for our children's privileges, we can ask ourselves three questions.

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4 Ways to Comfort Your Child Without Words

When your kid is sad, lonely, or discouraged, you’ll search for exactly the right thing to say. Sometimes, a gesture like warming him up (literally!) is the best way to make him feel loved and protected.