Q: Is it okay to ask people to wash their hands when they come over to visit? My father-in-law got mad and took of as soon as I asked him to wash his hands. It's flu season and I'm more concerned for my daughter's health and don't want her to get sick. I don't know why he made a big deal about my just by asking him to wash his hands. Thank you for your advice.

A: This is one of those tricky situations where you just have to accept that people will complain -- but it's your home, and your family, so you get to make the rules. To make it go more smoothly, try saying something like this, "I know it sounds fussy, and I'm a little nutty about this, but would you mind washing your hands? There have been terrible flus and colds going around Lindsay's school and my job, and I just can't afford for everyone to get sick again. Sorry!" You might also have a little bottle of hand sanitizer available to make it easier.

Answered by Dr. Heather Wittenberg