How to Leave a Store Without Buying a Toy

Are you worried about a potential meltdown every time you go to the store and don't buy your son a toy? Here are some tips to handle the situation before, during and after!


Uh-oh. Here it comes. Another toddler meltdown. In public at a toy store. [MUSIC] You came here to buy a birthday present for your friend's kid. [BLANK_AUDIO] But that plan's gone. Your little darling wants something, and she isn't leaving until she gets it. And now people are giving you that look. It's a little too late for this situation, but what if you could handle the problem before it starts? Let's rewind and see how Super Parent would handle this one. First things first, manage expectations before you enter the store. Like your bundle of love know you're going there, to get another kid a present and that's it. Draw the line in the sand, and here's the important part don't cross it. Of course you can always lead a path with a little healthy bribery try saying something like, if you can be good. I'd love to play hide and seek with you when we get home. Next, make the trip a game. Let's be real, you know your kid is going to point out everything she wants in the store so go with it. Take notes, it's only 300 shopping days until Christmas, but once she's done rattling off a list of everything in the store, take your turn. This teachers her that you can't always get everything you want. Finally, use your super strength to not engage your child. Don't look at your tyke. Don't say anything. Just buy the toy and get out of there. And don't worry about the other people in the store. They've probably been there before. Remember, the first rule of Tantrum Management Club is you do not talk about tantrums. Because this leads to more tantrums. Now you're ready to take on the toy store like the super hero parent you are. Go get them. [MUSIC]

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