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We break down topics in a way that's easy enough for kids (and, ahem, adults) to understand by answering the most common questions.

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How to Explain Exchange Rates in Terms Simple Enough for a Child
Teaching your kids about foreign currency and exchange rates can be a valuable part of their financial education. Here are easy ways to help them learn, according to experts.
How to Explain Microaggressions in Terms Simple Enough for a Child to Understand
Let's settle into our discomfort to learn what microaggressions look and feel like and how we can teach children to recognize and stand up to them.
How to Explain Pride Month to Your Child
Pride Month is a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about what it means to be LGBTQ, the history behind the month-long celebration, and to have some fun while you're at it.
How to Explain Feminism in Terms Simple Enough for a Child
As we mark Women's History Month and celebrate International Women's Day, here are some straightforward, smart ways to talk to kids about what it means to be a feminist.
What a Healthy Romantic Relationship Should Feel Like, in Terms Easy Enough for Kids
Conversations about what a healthy relationship should look like are important for parents to have with their kids. But often, these conversations can be confusing. Experts weigh in on how to teach your kid what behavior is acceptable when it comes to a partner.
What Real Friendship Should Feel Like, in Terms Simple Enough for a Child
Proactively teaching children about friendship can help them navigate relationships. A pair of experts share age-appropriate tips.

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How to Explain Biden's Gender Discrimination Order-in Terms Simple Enough for Kids to Understand
President Biden's order aims to ensure that everyone—including student-athletes—receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. Here's how experts recommend sharing the details with your child.
How to Explain to Kids the Difference Between a Mob and a Protest
We need to make our children understand that their voices and beliefs and advocacy matter, but what we witnessed on January 6, 2021 was an insurrection, not a protest.

How to Explain White Privilege in Terms Simple Enough for a Child

The term white privilege is often misunderstood. But experts explain why it's important to teach your children what it means and how to do that based on their age.