We rounded up kids to sip drinks from eight brands of reusable straws. These plastic alternatives won hands down.

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colorful stainless steel straws
Credit: Jeffrey Westbrook

Plastic straws made headlines in 2018 when some restaurant chains, like Starbucks, and even entire cities, like San Francisco, pledged to ban them! Even so, maybe you can’t see your 3-year-old getting much milk in his mouth without a straw? Trust us, he can do it with these kid-tested reusable straws.

Klean Kanteen Stainless-Steel Straws

For kids who bite on their straws, this brand’s removable and bendable silicone tips (pictured above) are easier on their teeth. Use them only for cold beverages; metal straws make warm ones feel hotter.

reusable straws
Credit: Repurpose/Amazon

Repurpose Plant-Based Straws

These disposable straws reminded kid testers of regular plastic ones. But since they’re made from corn and sugarcane, they’ll biodegrade within a year. Pack them in the lunch box and ask your kid to bring them home to compost (supermarkets).

reuseable glass straws
Credit: Hummingbird/Amazon

Hummingbird Glass Straws

We were a little freaked out giving kids glass, but the company uses a shatter-resistant type and offers a lifetime warranty. Catherine McCord, founder of Weelicious.com, gave further reassurance: “My youngest daughter, Gemma, has been using these to drink smoothies since she was a year old.” Okay, then.

The 9-inch bendables worked great for kid testers, and moms appreciated that they came with a cleaning brush. The carrying case ($15) makes them easy to take with you.

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