4 Green Products That Will Make Life at Home Easier

Here's a lineup of new, novel, and nice green products to know from Parents magazine's July 2021 issue.

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Photo: Courtesy of Manufacturers. Art: Jillian Sellers.
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Butterfly Biome A-frame
Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

You don't need a Netflix nature special to observe wildlife. Just set up the Butterfly Biome in your yard. The mini wooden A-frame is designed to attract fluttery visitors. Leave the "porch" door open in warmer months so butterflies can gorge on nectar and fruit in the removable cups. When the weather gets chilly, close it up so butterflies can snooze and hibernate inside (they'll still be able to get out!). Place the house on a sturdy, sunny surface to watch the magic unfold.

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Hey Humans toiletries
Courtesy of Hey Humans

Jada Pinkett Smith's new eco-friendly brand, Hey Humans, puts plastic in its place—as in, out of landfills and oceans. The collection includes natural deodorant, bodywash, toothpaste, and lotion geared to all genders and packaged primarily in aluminum and paper. Unique scents like apple matcha and banana aloe are a fun departure from the typical options.

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Arber plant food
Courtesy of Arber

Want a greener yard—in every sense? Unlike synthetic chemical pesticides, Arber's new line is made from microbes (e.g., bacteria) and plant extracts. The natural biopesticides help stop pests from feeding and reproducing and prevent disease, and the plant food boosts growth—all while keeping the good things in your garden (kids, pets, birds, bees, soil) safe.

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Lia pregnancy tests
Courtesy of Lia

When you're trying to get pregnant, you want to test often. Now there's an eco-friendly way: Lia, the first flushable and biodegradable FDA-cleared pregnancy test, mailed in discreet packaging. Pee on one end, wait five minutes, then tear off the middle tab for your result. Rip it in two to flush away.

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