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How can your family go green? Find out how to teach your kids to be a good recyclers, what green habits you can teach now, and our green product picks. Plus: How to make your home an eco-happy place to raise your family.

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3 Ways to Wash With a 'Greener' Shower That's Better for the Planet
Thanks to small children banging on your bathroom door, you've no doubt perfected the five-minute limit already. But there are other ways to make your daily wash kinder to the planet.
9 Ways to Green Your Kitchen Routines
These simple tweaks make meal prep and cleanup less wasteful, so you'll save a little money and help the planet in the process.
These Families Experienced Unthinkable Natural Disasters Because of Climate Change and the Psychological Aftermath Is Tremendous
As states continue to face record-breaking climate events, families navigate the anxiety these new weather patterns bring. While experts say viral diseases like COVID-19 could be the latest effect of the earth's warming, we can learn from four families who have survived natural disasters and came out stronger together.
Latino Children Are Affected the Worst by Air Pollution, but Parents Are Fighting Back
More than 40 percent of us live in an area plagued by air pollution. The group affected more than others? Latino children. This is why—and what’s being done about it.
A Real Mom's Guide to Going Green
You carry a reusable water bottle, take public transit, and recycle like a boss. But is there more you could be doing? We challenged one mom to step up her eco-game with help from a sustainability expert. Get inspired by what she learned.

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How We Went Zero Waste as a Family
After watching a documentary about the zero-waste movement, my family and I decided to make some serious changes. Turns out, going zero waste wasn't as hard as we thought.
Why We Bike Everywhere as a Family And You Can Too
I was inspired to try an electric bike after seeing other parents using them when dropping their kids off at school. Not only is it easy to do with two toddlers in tow, it's enjoyable and better for the planet.

BirthStrike: Why People Are Refusing to Have Kids for the Sake of the Planet

Is going on a ‘BirthStrike’ the radical, but ethical way to control the population in the name of Planet Earth? And do our current contraception methods allow us to do that? Learn about the important link between birth control and climate change.