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How can your family go green? Find out how to teach your kids to be a good recyclers, what green habits you can teach now, and our green product picks. Plus: How to make your home an eco-happy place to raise your family.

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A Real Mom's Guide to Going Green

You carry a reusable water bottle, take public transit, and recycle like a boss. But is there more you could be doing? We challenged one mom to step up her eco-game with help from a sustainability expert. Get inspired by what she learned.
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How We Went Zero Waste as a Family

After watching a documentary about the zero-waste movement, my family and I decided to make some serious changes. Turns out, going zero waste wasn't as hard as we thought.
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Why We Bike Everywhere as a Family And You Can Too

I was inspired to try an electric bike after seeing other parents using them when dropping their kids off at school. Not only is it easy to do with two toddlers in tow, it's enjoyable and better for the planet.
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We Downsized our Home for the Planet

We once lived in a 5,873-square-foot house with a playroom, gym, and three-car garage. But once we moved to a mountainous region on the California–Nevada border, we decided to downsize and haven't looked back since.
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I Went Vegan to Teach My Kids About the Environment

Once I read about what eating meat does to the environment, I realized going vegan was the right choice for my family.
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We Moved Halfway Around the World so Our Son Could Learn How to Save It

Moving from New York City to Bali was the most daring thing my family ever did, but it taught us how to truly take care of our planet.
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Parents' Best Green Product Picks of 2020

From natural deodorants that actually work to burgers made from plants and lawn products that are safe to use around kids—all of these products are both effective and mindful of the planet. Scroll to find our curated list of 2020 eco-friendly must-haves, then check out our Best Green Cleaning Products of 2020, too.
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How to Avoid Hidden Toxins During Pregnancy

Your immediate environment is more important than ever during pregnancy, now that you have a baby to nurture. Here's how to make your space a healthier place.
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