Audrina Patridge Packs a Hospital Bag

"The Hills" alum and mom-to-be Audrina Patridge is challenged to pack her hospital bag¿find out her must-haves! The Fit Pregnancy & Baby cover mom is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her BMX bike rider boyfriend Corey Bohan this summer.


Hey guys, I'm Audrina Patridge and I'm behind the scene on my Fit pregnancy and baby cover shoot, and I've been challenged to try packing my hospital bag. So let's see how I do. [MUSIC] Take it. These are much needed because the hospital floors are cold and you can slip easily so these are a must. Baby's outfit is a must. This is take it, you want a going home outfit. Phone charger take it, because you need to have your phone fully charged to take new photos. I'm gonna leave this, this is for the airplane. I'll have comfortable pillows in the hospital, hopefully, Take them because hospital food is usually gross. Take it. You want your own comfortable underwear. I don't know if I'd wanna wear a thong, but. Take it, this is a must. This is a must, take this. You wanna bring your own rug to the hospital. Take it. Take it. [SOUND] Take it. [SOUND] I'm gonna leave the perfume [SOUND] because for a new baby it might be too strong. [SOUND] You want your own cute bag to leave the hospital with. This is a must. [SOUND] Take it. I'd rather have a [SOUND] dress, something that's comfortable and easy to put on. I'm gonna leave the face mask. [SOUND] I think that'll be the last thing that's on my mind when I'm having a baby. Take ' these are perfect, cuz you could just lay in bed and wash your face. You want your own pillow case. Something that's soft and smells good. Thanks for watching guys. I think I did pretty good. [MUSIC] This is all stuff that I still need to like read up on.

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