Moms let us in on everything from potty training to beach outings. Their hacks might change your life!
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Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Looking to put a little more ease into your life? Fellow moms have your back. We put out a call for the best of the best parenting tips on Instagram and picked some of the most brilliant. And you’re totally going to want to use these hacks ASAP.

Beach day bliss

“Keep baby powder in the car for trips to the beach,” shared mom influencer hello.scout. “It takes the sand off their feet SO easily and saves our car from being a huge beachy mess.” (Just be careful how you apply the baby powder, always making sure your child doesn't inhale any of it.)

“Bring a mini baby blow up pool to beach and fill w ocean water! Keeps them cool and you don’t have to make a million trips down to water,” wrote mrsack22. “Also freeze juice boxes and bring to beach, they defrost to the perfect ice-cold drink.”

Dining with ease

“Whenever we plan to eat out at a restaurant I call ahead and place a 'to go order' just for my toddler,” shared Instagrammer momdragon_. “Once there, we say we are dinning in instead. It allows the food to cool down and the hungry toddler to be relaxed and fed by the time we get our food.”

User mamaneedswellnessandwine commented, “Lift up the side flaps on juice boxes, so your toddler can hold on to the 'wings.' No more squeezing the box and getting juice everywhere!”

Getting bite-sized

“Using scissors to cut up food into bite sized pieces,” said eliza_marie. “So much quicker than a knife and fork.”

Mastyleswrites has another theory. “Using a pizza cutter for everything: pancakes, grilled cheese, waffles, French toast, hotdogs, pizza,” she wrote. “Makes cutting things up 20x faster.”

User-friendly tech

“Using a label maker to put the number & size of batteries on the bottom of toys,” wrote sbertschy216. “This way I can check if we have them before opening up the toy.”

“Eight-month-old always tries to grab the tv remote,” explained katwhelan_illustrations. “We have an old remote from a broken DVD player, removed the batteries and put dried rice in the compartment. He will always trade the actual remote for the rattling one.”

 Aiming for laughs

“Saying, 'who farted?!' to get them to smile for pictures,” said punsandlittleones.

“I keep a 'fun bag' in my car that is filled with chalk, bubbles, balls, kazoos, water bottles, and snacks,” housewifeplus said. “That way, when my kids start getting cranky while we’re out, I can distract them. It keeps me sane and they think they’re getting a special treat. Win-win.”

Potty training tweaks

Themamibrunchseries shared, “Giving the little one a dry erase marker and sitting him backwards on the toilet to assist with potty training.”

"Keep a training potty in your car for unexpected stops for your little ones,” wrote plpetterson3. “Place a doggie 'poop bag' in the seat to catch the waste! It has saved me so many times on road trips!”

Easy bedtimes and wakeups

“On your children’s bed double the mattress pad and sheets. 1. Put a mattress protector then a sheet then 2. Add another mattress protector and another sheet,” said txgrwnnsassy. “This way when accidents happen in the middle of the night you are not fumbling around to make a bed. Just strip it and put them back in.”

“When my 6yo started waking up before 6am asking for cereal, I’d leave the box of cereal out for him and put a sippy cup with the right amount of milk in the fridge for him to pour over it,” said hannahesisley. “Gave mamma another few minutes of rest and avoided a gallon of milk on the floor.”