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Household Help: Clothes Call

getting dressed for school
Fancy Photography/ Veer

At the beginning of every week, I place five school outfits for each child into the separate compartments of a closet organizer. If the kids wake up late, they can just grab the clothes and go! --brownsugareyna

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Repurposing Tips: Stash with Trash

egg carton jewelry storage
Alexandra Grablewski

A leftover egg carton can be used as a drawer organizer or to separate your favorite pieces of jewelry, while toilet paper rolls can be used to cover cords and keep them neatly wrapped up (simply label the outside so you'll know what the cord goes to). --tcorganized

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Bath and Body Works: Hair Repair

woman brushing hair

When my hair gets too static-y, I spritz static guard on my hands and run them through it (I keep a can at home and in my desk drawer at work -- that way I'm always frizz free!). -- tny_frgsn

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Mom Confessions: If I Could Spend a Day Without My Kids I Would...

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Best Behavior: The Name Game

Tina Rupp

My son has had a case of the whinys since he was 3. Luckily, naming his voices really helped him -- he can recognize a whiny, a sassy, a happy, a grumpy, and a loving voice. If he says something in a tone I don't like, I'll raise an eyebrow and he'll apologize, and then say what he wants in a happy voice. --MiloMama

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Household Help: Stopped Clock

mother breastfeeding baby
PhotoAlto/ Matton

With my last baby, I put away the digital clocks so I wouldn't stare at them and get frustrated about losing sleep in the middle of the night. It helped! --babygirls_x_3

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Best Behavior: Watch 'Em Work:

wiping up mess

It's amazing how cooperative kids will be about cleaning up if you just tell them that you'll time them while they do it. Most children love racing the clock. -- ESPcooks

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It Worked For Me: Parent Hacks

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Household Help: Neat Sheets

Bed sheets

To make midnight accidents less of an ordeal, I put several fitted sheets onto each of my kids' beds at the same time -- with waterproof mattress-top protectors between each sheet. If your little one gets sick or wets the bed during the night, just peel off the top sheet and mattress-pad combo and tuck him back in! --kendallg1

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Bath and Body Works: E-Z Clean

rubber ducky
Bryan McCay

While my daughters have a bath, I always take a few moments to clean something in the room. I can keep an eye on them and still get a chore done. --babygirls_x_3

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Best Behavior: Practice Perfection

Model Proper Grammar
Kathryn Gamble

We say "please" and "thank you" every time our kids hand us something and "you're welcome" each time they say "thank you." It feels silly when they give you the same toy 18 times, but those phrases were among the first my kids used correctly. --MiloMama

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Repurposing Tips: Fresh Start

crayons and markers in diaper wipe container
Peter Ardito

Empty diaper-wipe containers can be repurposed for storing crayons and toy parts. They work especially well because they're so easy for little ones to open and close. --carenbegun

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Bath and Body Works: Role Model


To ease my 2 1/2-year-old's fear of the dentist, we brought his friend (whom my little guy looks up to) with us to the appointment. With Evan there, my son did just great! -- fishercl1

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Best Behavior: Fun Finder

boy crying

When my son throws a tantrum, I say, "Go to your room and look for a happy face." He can come out when he can return with a smile. I'm asking for an attitude adjustment -- but in language he can understand. --Mommablogsalot

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Bath and Body Works: The Power of Song


We make toothbrushing fun by singing Raffi's "Brush Your Teeth" song to our son. He loves it so much! --HeathsMomm

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Repurposing Tips: Chic Idea

Easter eggs
Cameron Sadeghpour

For a cute pregnancy announcement, I gave our parents Easter eggs along with a note that read, "There's a little chick coming your way! --MiloMama

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Best Behavior: At The Beep

Bryan McCay

When both kids want to use the same toy, I set a timer. Whoever has the toy first can play with it until the timer beeps. Knowing it's fair and that a turn is coming makes it easier for the other kid to wait. --rlh14

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Household Help: Filed Away

file folders
Peter Ardito

I keep a folder for each kid's papers in the kitchen. Slips they bring from school go straight in, so they know where to look for them later. --stepanek99

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Wise Words for Moms: Rest Perspective

mother holding sleeping baby
PhotoAlto/ Matton

Everyone says, "Sleep when your baby sleeps." It should be "rest when your baby sleeps." Often, when I have things on my mind, I can't just fall asleep, but getting off my feet -- even for half an hour -- works wonders. Plus, making the goal to rest keeps me from stressing about whether I'm getting my zzz's or not. -- didirox82

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Wise Words for Moms: Tummy Tamer

baby looking down at tummy

My little one is gassy all the time. To help soothe her bellyaches, I turned a mateless sock into a baby-size heating pad by filling it with rice. I just pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds, then place it on her stomach to ease gas pains (test it carefully first to make sure it's not too hot for your baby's sensitive skin.) --crbruner0

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Wise Words for Moms: Make Some Noise

Vacuum cleaner

I pull out the vacuum and get to work when my 10-week-old son won't stop crying. He likes the sound, and it usually calms him down right away -- and I get clean floors, a new-mom dream! --hymanra

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Wise Words for Moms: Breast Advice

breastfeeding baby
PhotoAlto/ Matton

My aha! nursing moment was learning that you need to feed the baby until she comes off (about 25 minutes in the early weeks), not ten to 15 minutes on each side -- that's what the nurses told me at the hospital. This way, your baby gets enough foremilk and hind milk, which can prevent her from getting gassy. --Ashleigh

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On the Road: Storytellers

toddler in car seat

Stash audiobooks or CDs of your kids' favorite stories in your car. They're a great way to keep kids engaged on long road trips without having to resort to using the DVD player. If the book you want isn't available in stores, simply read it out loud yourself and record it -- this can be a lifesaver for helping little ones stay calm (and preserving your sanity) in the car. --Babylovesbooks

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On the Road: Write On

dry-erase board

Small dry-erase boards are great for keeping older kids busy in the car for long periods of time. They can practice writing out their letters and numbers or just goof around and draw pictures. --tennislove40

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In the Kitchen: Weeknight Meal

family eating healthy dinner

On busy nights, make Salsa Chicken: Place chicken breasts in a greased pan, cover in salsa, and bake at 375°F for half an hour. Sprinkle shredded cheddar on top, then cook for three more minutes. Serve with rice. Done! --kelsey.graves

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In the Kitchen: Suds Buddy

aluminum foil
Steven McDonald

To loosen the dried-on gunk from a pan, I just wad up a piece of aluminum foil and use it for a bit of abrasion. It easily takes off the food. --colorwheel24

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In the Kitchen: Dippy Dinner

Stack of cut cucumbers

When there's no time to cook, I serve veggies, cut-up bread, fruits, and cheeses alongside a medley of dips, like ketchup, peanut butter, and guacamole. We use pretzel sticks for forks. My 2-year-old loves it! --Hko

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In the Kitchen: Sweet Treat

fruit dipped in chocolate
Doug Hetherington

Dunking things in chocolate is a great way for kids to "cook." I set out toppings like frosting or sprinkles, and then just let my girls have at it. --babygirls_x_3

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Quick Fixes: Sticky Situation

Vaseline petroleum jelly
Bryan McCay

When my daughter stuck tough-to-remove stickers to her skin, I discovered a great way to remove sticky stuff like Band-Aids: petroleum jelly. Just slather it on the bandage before bed, and in the morning it should come right off -- no problem, no pain. --Redragon

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Quick Fixes: Smarter Sipping

Bendable sippy straws
Peter Ardito

Bendy straws are much easier for little ones to drink from than the straight one -- but most restaurants don't have them. So to make sure my little guy can sip with ease wherever we go, I bought a travel toothbrush holder and keep it filled with straws from home. --KristaP1214

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Quick Fixes: Put a Lid On It

Baby food drawer organizer
Peter Ardito

Got a messy top drawer in your desk? Baby-food jars make great containers for office supplies like pushpins, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. --Shelby

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Quick Fixes: Dressed for Less


After Halloween, when costumes are often discounted by 75 percent, I visited a few stores, like Target, Walgreens, and T.J. Maxx, and snatched up a bunch in kid-friendly sizes. I put them all in a dress-up box that looks like a treasure chest -- my kids love it! --Crinaciceu

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