The idea of ‘consent’ has been on the public’s collective mind a lot of late. But how do you even begin to have this difficult, yet essential parent-child conversation? This video by a mom-daughter team will make it so much easier.
Shy son with his dad
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The concept of consent has become a hot-button topic that's all over the media—and it's definitely one of those must-have conversations with our kids. But let's face it: This is one of those topics that makes everyone feel a little awkward. Fortunately, mother-daughter team Rachel and Lola Brian are on the case.

After a kid in 7-year-old Lola's class kissed her without her permission, Rachel and Lola started having big conversations around the topic of consent. And inspired by the (decidedly more adult) British Consent: It's as Simple as Tea (also created by Rachel, with Emmeline May), they came up with a more kid-friendly version. Lola serves as narrator and talks about how "no one is entitled to tell you what to do with your body except you," even if that means politely refusing to kiss Aunt Doris, if you don't feel ready for a little cheek pinching.

The video briefly delves into all the things kids are not allowed to agree to do—including vote, sign a contract, or any sexual behavior, and reminds kids to go to a trusted adult if anyone is trying to make you do any of those things.

In short, it's an amazing way to get this conversation started, that lets you take it (a lot less awkwardly) from there.

Have you already had this conversation with your kids?

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