If your kids are obsessed with the Kingdom of Equestria, tell them you knew all about Ponyland when you were little. (And that—gasp!—Rainbow Dash didn’t even exist.) Now that you’re a mom, it’s also heartening to see how the morals in each episode of the old series translate to good parenting.

By Sabrina James
July 30, 2018
My Little Pony Toy Dolls Purple Blue Pink Rainbow
Credit: HOHLOVMIHAIL/Shutterstock

1. Your kid will be her own person, and that’s okay.

One of the main villains, a witch named Hydia, has two daughters who have zero motivation for evil and express interest in being decent people.

2. Yep, boys can wear whatever color they want.

Big Brother ponies were introduced in 1986, and the pastel fellas didn’t give a you-know-what about gender roles. They may have had more masculine “cutie marks,” but they looked just as feminine as the girls, and several were pink!

3. Mistakes are rarely permanent. You’ll get past your parenting stumbles.

In one episode, three ponies get kidnapped by a group of villains who want to use the ponies’ hair to make a cloak for their leader. After they shave the ponies down (not a good look), the hair returns and all is well.

4. Names can be predictive.

In Ponyland, even when the names seem like nonsense, they often symbolize the characters’ personalities, physical traits, or strengths. Lavan is a lava demon, and Arabus (a play on Erebus, a personification of darkness in Greek mythology) devours shadows. That jibes with recent reports that say names can determine future careers or salaries. So if you call your baby something like Stormi (we’re all looking at you, Kylie), get ready!

5. Every child has a unique talent!

Pegasi can fly, unicorns can perform magic, and Earth ponies can run fast and occasionally bake (although we never quite figured out how that works with hooves). All of these talents are necessary for making Ponyland a better place, and everyone is appreciated for what they bring to it.

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