These five ideas from busy moms and dads (just like you!) will have you feeling ready to take on the day.

July 31, 2017
Kids Climbing on Parents Bed
Credit: Gretchen Easton

1. Waffles every Monday morning. Yummy and quick! (When you prep the batter the night before.) —David Van Taylor, Brooklyn, NY

2. Hubby and I sing a dumb little original song. Badly. Out of key. It’s become a tradition. We’ll probably have to call them and sing when they’re in college, too, but then I’ll be weeping. —Susan Compton Stahl, Fort Wayne, IN

3. When we want to have an extra awesome day, my daughter and I get up 40 minutes early and go for a walk. We usually stop for a treat. Quiet mom-and-daughter time always works. —Catherine Connors, Los Angeles, CA

4. I set my phone alarm for 7:48 a.m., which is when we need to get in the car to be on time for school. I have the ringtone set as the song “Happy.” We are never on time, my kids roll their eyes when “Happy” comes on, but it reminds me to stop yelling. —Deborah Cohan, Berkeley, CA 

5. We all start in bed together and share our dreams, even if we have to make them up just to make each other laugh, because we really can't remember tehm (or never really slept). — Laura Tisdel, Brooklyn, NY

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