20 Latina Moms on Instagram to Follow Right Now

Whether through their blogging, unique content creations, or entrepreneurial endeavors, these women are making some serious moves while honoring their Hispanic heritage every day with their children. They continuously share their raw stories of motherhood, through honest words and visions of love and even hardship, and through it all, they still deliver the top-notch content.

Chantel Rodriguez: @chooseloveart
Chantel Rodriguez: @chooseloveart. Photo: Augusto Herrera, @bumpgoose

It's so important that my 3-year-old daughter explores and appreciates her Hispanic heritage. As a first-generation American and daughter of immigrants, Spanish was my first language. I have so many vivid childhood memories of my mom telling me stories in Spanish. My imagination would run wild with visions of los pollitos (the little chicks) sleeping in their beds, or Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood) pulling a fast one on the big bad wolf. Now, as I try to teach my daughter our Spanish language, she too can't get enough of the bedtime stories. Through my blogging and content creating work, I'm thankful to have met (both virtually and IRL) so many Latina mamas who share the importance of Latina motherhood in every facet of their lives. These are strong Latinas who inspire me and who my daughter can look up to.

Read about and hear from 20 fascinating Latina moms to follow on Instagram.

1. Chady Dumore: @__chady__

Talk about endless inspiration! If you're looking for a mama to inspire and motivate you (both physically and mentally), you need to follow Chady Dunmore. A single Puerto Rican mom who is doing it all, and setting such a wonderful example for her daughter, Dumore inspires you to be your best. She has persevered through everything from kidney disease, single motherhood, and even a 70-pound weight loss journey. Today, Dumore is recognized as a fitness & health expert, mentoring numerous women with her HealTHY Self Challenge eBook. She is also co-host of the Single Parents Daily podcast. Through her blog and Instagram, Dunmore shares parenting and beauty tips, and of course some solid nutrition and fitness content.

When it comes to celebrating her Hispanic Heritage, Dumore is all about "Spanish music in the morning to set the vibes."

2. Chelsi Lovos Eiselstein: @wolfgangchels_

With an Instagram as bright as her Southern California lifestyle, Chelsi Lovos Eiselstein is a mama who keeps it real. She openly embraces her struggles and joy, and is always pushing the importance of self-care. Her content is a vibrant mix of motherhood, travel, and raising awareness about important social issues. To top it all off, she is currently working on her Master's in criminal justice administration and advocates for mental health, domestic violence, and child sexual abuse survivors through sharing her story in the hopes of inspiring others.

As a mama of three in a blended family, Eiselstein keeps her Salvadoran and Cuban heritage alive by teaching her kiddos Spanish, and of course through delicious traditional Hispanic dishes like pupusas.

3. Perla Farias: @xicana_mama

With a mantra that "the revolution starts in the home," Perla Farias is a mother of 4 (including two adorable twin toddlers—you seriously have to catch their cuteness in her Stories) who is passionate about Mother Earth, holistic healing, and social justice. I love learning through her conscious living and reading her words that often serve as that much needed positive affirmation to get you through the day. From portrait photography, blogging, and videography, Farias takes pride in her culture and community and strives to live a wholehearted life.

When asked how she celebrates her Mexican heritage, Farias replied with: "It's just a part of who we are. I wouldn't say we celebrate it. We live it. Through the food we eat, the relationships we have, the stories we read, the art we have in our homes, and the traditions we carry."

4. Ana Flores: @laflowers

If you're reading this and you're a Latina blogger/creator, you're probably smiling right now: Ana Flores is a household name in the Latina creatives' world. She's widely known for her successful We All Grow Latina community, which helps Latinas in all their entrepreneurial and creative efforts through mentorship, brand collaborations, events, as well as the We All Grow Latina summit. Flores is an OG blogger and content creator with 15 years of experience to her name. She is an inspiring example of just how far content creating can take you. A mother to a 13-year-old daughter, and clearly quite the admirable powerhouse, it's always refreshing to see her family life in her Instagram squares.

Flores celebrates her Salvadorian culture with her daughter by "being who we authentically are," she says. "Our friends are mostly Latinx from various countries so she gets exposed to our music, foods, Spanish language, and more all the time. It's just who we are. Plus, she hears me speak and advocate for Latinas day in and day out. It's just in her blood."

5. Janet Gomez: @jans_spring

I've been following Janet Gomez since I first joined Instagram in 2017 and let me tell you, she has the loveliest personality with content to match. I adore seeing her posts, which are always colorful and stylish, covering both home decor and fashion, as well as travel. She is a loving mother of two daughters that are sweeter than pan dulce. She is a blogger of four years, co-founder of Las Mamacitas, a networking community that hosts events and workshops to empower women, and just launched her product styling business this year, Jan's Spring Design.

When asked how she celebrates her heritage with her daughters, Janet replied: "Besides cooking our favorite Mexican dishes, we love going to Mexico! We have family in Ensenada including my grandparents and we go fairly often. I love to expose my girls to the things I am not able to do on an everyday basis. My daughters are also half Central American, and it is extremely important to me that I expose them to both cultures."

6. Kisha Gulley: @panamakish

This mother of two has some serious style! It's no wonder she also does some modeling. While I love stalking Kisha Gulley's Instagram for fashion inspo, I also love her very honest posts. Whether she's talking about equality or advocating for Autism (her eldest son was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder)—Gulley's squares have a beautiful and honest harmony. Her blog The Kisha Project is chock full of quality content including her struggle with postpartum depression and general anxiety disorder.

Kisha takes pride in her Panamanian heritage and as an Afro-Latina every day. "I make sure my sons know about our culture, everything from the food to the language," she says.

7. Darlene Lebron: @suitsheelscurves

While I love Darlene Lebron's fashion-forward Instagram posts, I really love the conversations she creates around them. She seamlessly delivers stylish content while creating safe discussions around self-acceptance, self-love, family, health and more. A mother of two in a blended family, this jefa keeps busy with her blog, Suits, Heels and Curves, as well as her virtual plus size consignment store, The Blogger House Curvy Closet (aka "the plus size HSN"). With an MBA in executive management and numerous features in major media outlets, we can easily say that Lebron has seriously got it going on.

On celebrating her Puerto Rican heritage, Lebron shared: "My parents still live in Puerto Rico so our daily FaceTime sessions with Awila—abuela to my little one—is a lesson in our homeland. From speaking in Spanish to salsa dance-offs to showing her the aguacate tree. We travel 'home' a lot and even at a young age they know that Puerto Rico is a part of them."

8. Jacqueline Hernandez Lewis: @momentsofmusing

Recently transitioning from attorney to a work-from-home communications career so that she could be more present with her two children, Lewis now hustles with CONNECT, a nonprofit that works to prevent interpersonal and domestic violence and promote gender justice. Somewhere in between the hustle and bustle of mom life and working from home, Lewis finds the time to create thoughtful and engaging content. Through her blogging and freelance writing, she covers important topics around motherhood and activism in an effort to empower all mothers, especially BIPOC moms who don't always receive the same visibility and support.

"Life as a Latina mom is besos, cuddles y cariño aplenty," she says. "It is honoring mi [Puerto Rican] cultura while personalizing it to mi familia. It's modeling acceptance and love of diversity. It's morning salsa/ reggaeton dance parties; speaking Spanglish (with the hope of raising bilingual babies but have to work on speaking more español en la casa)."

9. Bricia Lopez: @bricialopez

Don't come hungry when cruising by Bricia Lopez's feed. From cookies, cocktails, and some seriously mouth-watering Oaxacan food, Lopez's Instagram will make you crave all her delicious family creations. A mother of two, who recently birthed an adorable bebita—Lopez is the entrepreneur and content creator we all aspire to be. She is the co-owner of the James Beard award-winning restaurant, Guelaguetza; author of Oaxaca: Home Cooking From The Heart of Mexico, co-founder of I Love Micheladas (yes, you can get micheladas delivered to your door!), and co-founder of the Super Mamas podcast. If that wasn't enough, she is quite active creating content on both her Instagram and her drool-worthy blog Mole & More.

Lopez celebrates her Oaxacan culture everyday with her children by "keeping our food and family stories alive."

10. Lucy Neuhaus: @lucylou.and.co

Lucy Neuhaus's Instagram truly shines with all that Southern California living. It's bright and sunny, and full of endless charm. A mother of two sons, Neuhaus is passionate about living an organic lifestyle that shimmers with style. She enjoys inspiring her community in motherhood, fashion, organic living, and travel. When she's not busy creating content for her blog and Instagram, Neuhaus is designing small-batch, custom embroidery via her sustainable shop Luna June.

Through cooking and music, Neuhaus celebrates her Mexican culture with her sons every day. "Food and music are a universal language," Neuhaus explains. "Cooking family recipes and sharing stories is an amazing way to create beautiful memories and to also keep our traditions alive, by handing them down to another generation. Same with music we feel it in our soul and combining it with food evokes all our senses. The perfect vehicle for children to learn."

11. Susana Marquez: @wellnessparalamama

Mamas supporting mamas. That's what it's all about. Susana Marquez is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in maternal mental health with Latina mamas. After experiencing her own struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety, and feeling isolated for support within the Latina community, Marquez started Wellness Para La Mama. With a focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, her Instagram is a safe haven for mothers in need in which she posts words and videos of support, in addition to offering bilingual services for mamas at low cost or free. Marquez has been featured in Alegria Magazine, Spanish television channel Univision 34, and the iconic Spanish radio station that many grew up with, K-LOVE 107.5. With a Master's in marriage and family therapy, Marquez is currently working on her doctorate dissertation on bridging the maternal mental health gap within the Latina community.

Marquez celebrates her Salvadorian and Guatemalan heritage in her everyday life with her son "by speaking our language, reading books about our heritage, and enjoying our favorite foods—pupusas, beans with cheese, tamales, pan frances, pan dulce," she says. "We listen and dance to cumbias and merengue and we attend festivals highlighting our countries' independence day. We have visited El Salvador for my son to connect with family and the roots of his ancestors and heritage."

12. Lily Martinez: @lilylove213

Tis the season for Lily Martinez's beautiful content creations. This mama is the queen of dressing up as a Día de Muertos Catrina, and honestly, nobody does it better. A mother of four with style for days, Martinez creates beautiful photography with her husband Mucio. She's no stranger to opening up about her real family life, love for L.A. and of course all things fashion, beauty, food, and "The Beautiful Circus" that is motherhood.

When it comes to celebrating her Mexican culture with her children, they do so "by enjoying Mexican food, listening to Latin music, and telling my children stories of my childhood living in Mexico."

13. Stephanie Prosa: @lovetheprosas

Stephanie Prosa is a force to be reckoned with. This badass mama tells it like it is! I love her vibrant Instagram posts, but I really love her Stories. She shares bits of her life with her three daughters, while keeping it real AF, comedy and all. I mean, have you seen this Instagram Reel of hers go viral? I think I watched it about 20 times. The look on her little girl's face is pure gold. Though her Instagram, Prosa covers content focused on mental wellness, self-love, body acceptance, plus-sized fashion and more. She is a breath of fresh air in a time where the influencer landscape lacks authenticity and raw lifestyle.

Through music and food, Prosa and her girls celebrate their Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage. "My girls and I love being in the kitchen together/ cooking recipes from my grandma and mom!"

14. Romelia Ramos: @lifethroughmamaeyes

If you're looking for a motherhood variety show, Romelia Ramos is your one-stop-shop. This mama of four shares her honest motherhood with plenty of easy recipes, home decor (her Halloween and Fall game is #goals), cleaning, and gardening tips. She is a bilingual content creator and was recently featured on the Spanish television network, Telemundo's morning talk show Un Nuevo Día.

From Guadalajara, Mexico, Ramos' Mexican culture is very important to her. "At home we strive to speak Spanish so that the kids can continue practicing and make progress," Ramos shares. "We celebrate all the holidays and make sure to share the why behind the celebrations, we read books, we cook lots of Mexican family meals passed down from our family. Instilling our traditions and beliefs to our children is huge for me."

15. Daniela Rey: @mamanielaco

I met Daniela Rey a few years ago at an event for mindful mamas in Downtown Los Angeles and I've been in love with her photography style and honest motherhood posts ever since. Through her photography business Mama Niela, she truly captures the essence of motherhood and all things family. Rey is a mother of two daughters who recently moved to a small mountain town near Los Angeles to raise her little brujas (witches). She is a newly home-schooling mama, but is already sharing so many useful tips. The pandemic was the catalyst for the shift, but Rey has decided to be in it for the long haul.

With her home once being Colombia, Rey celebrates her culture with her daughters through being "committed to raising bilingual girls who are able to explore their heritage and make friends in any Hispanic country of this world."

16. Manuela Gómez-Rhodes: @marilynmonrolex

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Manuela is a busy mama of three and quite the content machine. Her Instagram is a colorful delight covering motherhood/señora life, fashion, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Rhodes' entrepreneurial spirit in event production spawned her "4th child," The Brunch!, a mixer and vendor market made for creatives and small businesses with markets in Houston, Austin, and soon to be in Atlanta. She recently started a video series called "D.I.WILD" where she shares her DIY tips and tricks, including how she fashioned an old shoebox into a rotating sunglasses display case!

When it comes to celebrating her Colombian heritage, Rhodes shared: "I do my best to speak Spanish to my sons at all times—it is difficult because big sister and dad speak English—but my goal is to continue to push through so that they all end up learning. We also bond over Colombian food. Arepas are a staple in our home and we also are always eating something Colombian … I try to introduce them to as much of what I remember and loved eating when I was there. Another important way we celebrate our Hispanic culture is by constantly talking to my family in Colombia … There's nothing like a true Colombian accent to make you feel at home."

17. Chantel Rodriguez: @chooseloveart

Content that pops! Chantel Rodgriguez has one of those Instagram profiles you come across and do a double-take, stalk for a bit, and then follow. Her content is seriously next level full of awesome graphics, art, color schemes, and then some. Best of all, she shares her knowledge with some very useful how-tos and plenty of tips and tricks. A mother to one son, Rodriguez is also a wellness entrepreneur and educator. Through her social channels and blog, Choose Love, she helps others thrive in health, wealth, and mindset. Rodriguez also hosts The Wellness Beast podcast and is the founder of Zen30, a color therapy eyewear company.

When it comes to celebrating her Puerto Rican culture with her son, Rodriguez shared: "In our home, I celebrate our beautiful culture by sharing the values, traditions and language of my island with our son. We make it a point to pass down the lessons, recipes and even dances that our elders taught us to preserve and honor our heritage. It's beautiful to see my son carry on the legacy."

18. Ashley Segura: @newmominanewera

Specializing in blogging and creating beautiful Instagram content that often comes with an important message, Ashley Segura is a mother of two daughters who also works for Medley Inc., a minority women-owned small business specializing in helping organizations reach diverse markets. With a focus on modern motherhood and creating conversations around socially and culturally relevant topics, Segura creates content that resonates. Her work is empowering, uplifting, and full of community.

Through food, books, songs, and the languages they speak, Segura celebrates her Guatemalan and Mexican heritage with her daughters. "Being the second generation we spoke Spanish only when we lived with my grandma when I was very young," Segura explains. "Once we moved to a different city we spoke English and I lost a lot of what I was taught. As I became an adult I realized how our languages really are a gateway into our cultures and made it my mission to become fluent again and make sure my daughters knew them as well."

19. María Sierra: @lacooquette

Born and raised in Honduras, María Sierra is co-founder and host of La Cooquette. Reaching over 1.2 millions subscribers on YouTube, Sierra's food and travel channel is delivered in both English y español. A mama of two daughters (including her new baby girl), Sierra also keeps busy on her blog where you can recreate many of her tasty recipes like chicken nacatamales, chuleta con tajadas or a festive pumpkin crepe cake. Sierra's work has been lauded as a Shorty Awards finalist and a two-time Tecla Awards finalist. She's also been a speaker at several conferences including WeAllGrow, Hispanicize, and the International Food Blogger's Conference.

Sierra celebrates her Hispanic heritage with her toddler through "introducing her to songs or food from our home countries." "She loves punta dancing and flamenco and has tried many traditional snacks and dishes from both places," Sierra shares. "She's still very young but at least she knows where Mommy and Daddy are from."

20. Sandra Burciaga Olinger: @grimydiapers

Last but not least, I have to plug myself here as well. Yes, this writer is also the creator of the Los Angeles-based music blog Grimy Goods since 2008. I also recently launched my modern motherhood brand SO Modern Life where I cover outdoor lifestyle, travel, clean beauty, self-care, and create important conversations around equality and social justice. With a professional background in digital marketing, writing, and video production, I, along with my husband, deliver elevated video content for numerous brands. I am also a two-time speaker at Adelante Mujer Latina conference, an LA Weekly Award Winner, and have spoken on music industry panels.

As a mother to a three-year-old daughter, I keep my Mexican and Peruvian heritage alive through teaching my daughter to be bilingual. She spends a lot of time with my adoring mother who also speaks Spanish to her. We live and breathe music on the daily and a lot of that music is often Latin rhythms from around the globe. She LOVES Selena!

Sandra Burciaga Olinger is a blogger/content creator/new mom. She is the founder of Grimy GoodsL.A.'s premier music lifestyle blog. You can connect with her via her Instagram and her personal blog where she drops the real talk on her adventures though modern motherhood.

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