Whether you wash your kid once a day or once a week (no judgment here!), this advice will keep you both afloat in the bathroom.

By Aleksandra Weber
December 27, 2017
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Little Boy Washing Hair With Shampoo
Credit: Karen H. Ilagan/Shutterstock

The Problem: Shampoo in the eyes

The Fix: “I ask my two kids, ages 7 and 4, to look up at the ceiling and check for spiders while I rinse their hair. It’s a simple trick, and they always get a kick out of it.” —Katie Scheidt

The Problem: Fear of tub jets

The Fix: “My 3-year-old accidentally triggered our jets and scared herself, so I bought her a cozy robe to wear after baths, hoping it would take her mind off her fear. It worked! She even uses the robe’s hood to dry her hair, which I love (she hates when I towel-dry it for her). Except that now she acts like she’s at a spa and wants extra post-bath lounge time!” —Lauren O’Toole

The Problem: Not wanting to get into the water

The Fix: “Instead of having my kids, ages 3½ and 23 months, eat their favorite post-dinner ice pops on the couch (and drip all over it), I give the pops to them as soon as they’re in the tub. Now the kids can’t wait for bathtime—and I have one less mess to clean up!”—Laura Crain

The Problem: Wasted water and time filling a big tub

The Fix: “I use the BabyDam ($45), a divider that lets you customize the size of your tub. Not only does it save me time, energy, and money, but now I can actually be in the tub with my 11-month-old without getting wet.” —Rebecca Mencel

The Problem: Refusing to go into the bathroom

The Fix: “My daughter, who’s 3½, never wanted to take a bath since she knew it meant bedtime was coming. But she got over it once I started using color-changing bath tablets (Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Color tablets, $11). Now if I say, ‘Mommy filled up the bath—let’s go see what color it is today,’ she gets excited and wants to check it out. As a bonus, she knows which colors mix together to make other colors!” —Catherine DeSarno

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